Politically Correct Jew Hate.

……and how its likely You that’s doing it.

its 23/05/2021 and the world just showed us one more time just what a bunch of miserable shits we are.

There has been a very disturbing reality come to light recently. It is the sure and dire proof that for all the rhetoric: when it comes to the hatred of Jews – it has NOTHING to do with Israel.


Its just about hating Jews because people believe they can with impunity.

In 2020, the fact that George Floyd was a person of colour, was enough to presume — despite zero evidence  — that his death was racially motivated, The terrorist backed “Black Lives Matter” movement grew across the world, riots left numerous Western cities in ashes, and the fight against “systemic racism” became a central pillar of Leftist manifestos across the country. It didn’t matter that Floyd is a dyed in the wool career criminal – Oh no – this man was lauded as the second coming and his sins washed away in the tide of leftist tears, wailing, and gnashing of teeth as Rent-a-mob kicked into top gear to “Get Whitey” while they burned the very communities and infrastructure they needed to survive.

In 2021, when the majority of victims of a mass shooting in Atlanta were of Asian descent, it was assumed — despite having evidence to the contrary — that the attack was racially motivated. American Leftists including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, vocally spoke out against an “epidemic” of anti-Asian hate.

It seems like the Left is united against hate, even perceived hate, right?


In just the latest example of the almost complete overlap between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, Jews across the western world have been attacked by leftists and pro-Palestinian advocates, not because they are Israeli — which would also be a despicable act of bigotry — but because they are Jewish.

There it is folks – in a nut shell. People who have ZERO connection to the Israeli government are attacked because……………ummm………………..because its ok to hate on Jews so any excuse will do.

To examine this a little closer it bears no stretch of the rationale behind it: If you give powerless pointless hate filled tiny people a little power – they will definitely use it. It is the Stanford Experiment – it is Abu Ghraib, it is a prime example of what we call: “The Lucifer Effect.

Is essence if you give people permission to kill – they will. If you give people permission to be cruel – they will. 
This may go against every iota of what you believe the human state of being to be, but its true.  Just look around at some of the nicest people you know. Then look at their views on Jews. NOT Israelis – JEWS!!!

Its at that point you realise you are sat next to a scum bag. Essentially a meat sack filled with hatred, not because they have been wronged, but because this failure as a human being NEEDS someone to hate. It’s what defines them. The mental disconnect you are attempting overcome right now, the cognitive dissonance you are experiencing is no less real. The fact doesn’t change. You are sat next to or are yourself  – Human filth – because you try and use the excuse that hating on Jews is OK – because of Israeli policies based on a century of very complicated history, that you don’t understand, offend you.

As numerous news agencies reported Mid-May 2021, “Jews were attacked in a heavily Jewish business district in New York City on Thursday night following the announcement of a ceasefire in the Middle East between Israel and Palestinian terrorists.” “A group of pro-Palestinian extremists, described by one man as ‘actual terrorists on the streets of New York City,’ mobbed a restaurant and spit on patrons because they were Jewish, according to the same man,” added the report.


Other videos showed Jews being physically attacked, while others showed pro-Palestinian “protestors” throwing an explosive device at Jews.


Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Jewish diners were assaulted in one attack, while in another, an Orthodox Jewish man was chased after leaving a synagogue.


These instances are — THE NORM. In recent years, Jews have routinely been assaulted on the streets of Leftist-run cities world wide. While the Left has been lightning-fast — as they should — in their condemnation of anti-Semitic attacks committed by white supremacists or the so-called “alt-right,” the hard reality which must be recognized is that they represent only a VERY small portion of all perpetrators of anti-Jewish hate.

There is anti-Semitism in the black community.

There is anti-Semitism in the Muslim community and across its 58 nation states where there are very few Jews now because of ethnic cleansing.

There is anti-Semitism among the far-Left, the middle left and even the fashionably left. Hating on Jews is the new Black. Its cool. The left identifies its tribe but its overt Jew Hate.

It appears that, unlike politically-convenient bigotry supposedly directed toward other minorities, Jews simply don’t count and are somehow the exception to the rule, the law, to common sense and any modicum of moral standard when it comes to race hate.

No one will take to the streets to protest the brutal attack of Jews. The Rent-a-mob that runs screaming, and burning everything through the streets at the drop of a hat – is remarkably absent. No one will paint “Jewish Lives Matter” on the pavement. Socialists won’t rush to comfort the victims or their families.

And why? Because Jew-Hate v3.0 is the oldest and most resilient form of hatred and can be found in almost every community. In our cynical and racially-driven world of politics, Jews just aren’t useful enough as victims, and so the “outrage” is short-lived as vapid, NPC, meatsuit, politicians and voters prefer to spend their virtue-signaling brownie points elsewhere. As long as anti-Semitism continues unabated in the western world, and formerly vocal critics of bigotry are comparatively muted, it’s clear that Jewish lives simply don’t matter enough.

What is more – that hippy type sat next to you with the Palestinian Flag on their bag, or the #FreeGaza hash tag………….in all their posts, when confronted with the facts, and the reality that they might have to actually interact with Jews tends to recoil in disgust.

This is how you know you are dealing with a Nazi. And we all know what we do with Nazis now don’t we?

Enter stage left, the Marxist narrative:

<PUNCH THE FUCKER!! – Seriously. SLAP the shit out of that Nazi filth. Bounce them down some steps, put the boot in. Kick them to within an inch of their miserable, totalitarian, self-important morally bankrupt life.  You are not dealing with a human being. You are not dealing with anything that deserves mercy. You are dealing with Product. It doesn’t even have a soul – so they don’t count. You are in essence doing the world a favour by crushing them.>

The above exert is the very same narrative used against Jews…………………and when Jew haters hear it – it makes them moist. Its what gets them off.

Are you shocked at what you just read? This is the leftists rule set. This is the standard they work to. So why can’t we apply this example to the filth that are perpetuating Jew hate.

I would like to say: “Because we are decent human beings”……………. But I am not going to say that. Instead, I am just going to sit here. In silence.  Because I can’t actually come up with a valid reason.

Not one single reason.

Not one.

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