Because Jesus!

Thought for the day.

When we look at a situation where a mother seeks advice as to how to punish her son for not wanting to attend church – we are offended and incensed and upset BECAUSE WE KNOW THE ENTIRE SITUATION IS WRONG.

Then we go right on and invoke cancel culture on people with different political views, or orientation, or sexuality, or skin colour, or the fact they wear a MAGA hat………………..or vote Tory, Labour, Greens, MonsterRavingLoonies!

I would say to the mother that punishing her son because he doesn’t want to be a part of her hug box, her group think so desperate to reaffirm its identity with each of its members to the exclusion of all else – is communism. It is nothing short of totalitarian communism

It is actually against Jesus Christ and the Gospels. It seeks to undermine the concept of free will and through totalitarianism force others to think the same way as Her.


ALAS it is no different in the pagan community – as the latest fad seeks to establish itself and some how manufacture some fantasy and pass it off as real when we already accept and acknowledge that the majority of contemporary paganism is reconstructionist at best. Put simply – you are getting upset over something that is partly if not mostly made up and then cobbled together with spurious UPG and some historical references thrown in for good measure.

Get over yourself!

If you find yourself seeking to invoke cancel culture on people who think differently to you, or are from a different clique to you – or have challenged your world view and you’re butt hurt because you have no meaningful response except insults – then YOU might be the problem.

FAR FAR FAR too many pagans feel their path identifies with being marxist and with that narcissistic sense of moral superiority that goes with the territory – feel they can dictate to others what paganism is – and how the Gods function.

Ignoring the fact that like flies to wanton boys – so are we to the gods – they kill us for their sport. They’re utter bastards. You are entitled to what ever credo you want – and while it remains behind your eyes – its perfectly OK. Contrary to cancel culture – you ARE allowed to think whatever you like. There IS no thought crime. No Wrong think.

But when you start on at other people that don’t think like you and DIDN’T take to the time to sit down with them and work out with them WHY they think that way –

See now that’s gonna be a problem.

10 Forgotten Tales From Persia's Invasion Of Greece - Listverse

Your idleness alone speaks volumes.

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