White Privilege and the Magickal Process

Of late this little pic has been doing the rounds:

Proof there is no cure for stupid

And the people that post it ask:
” Do privilaged witches have an easier time then Witches of color?”

<Spell Checked> ” Do privileged witches have an easier time then Witches of colour?” – indicates a fundamental lack of education which speaks volumes about the racist nature of the OP.

This has nothing to do with any magickal/spiritual tradition. But people so hung up on their identity politics just have t drag it in there.

They start with an insult and expect to be taken seriously. The Fact is unless they can come to the table and treat all around it equally then what’s the point. This comes under the heading of “All Men Are Rapists” the refrain of feminists as a means to maintain some moral high ground and beat everyone else over the head with it if they disagree with the narrative.

I note this pic has been dumped on a number of forums across social media and has been immediately been shut down and with good reason. Admin and Mod staff just take one look at it and go – OH FFS!

There is only one privilege:

Money. It Trumps all others.

The deliberately divisive term: white privilege is MEANT to stir up hatred. It divides a united culture of multiple ethnicities into the oppressed and the non-oppressed. A person being judged by the content of the character is now judged on the colour of their skin.

MLK must be spinning in his grave so fast he’s generating electricity

The resulting oppression Olympics has now undermined any possibility of there being a meeting of minds. The New Gulag is the cancel culture of political correctness and it pervades ALL of our culture now.

This term is disgusting – it is racist and tends to be used either by the guilt ridden liberal or someone looking for a hand out.

If you are a witch – you are judged enough already……………..the star bellied sneech routine is just OLD – get over it. You are NOT holier than thou.

Apologies for the rant but I am getting sick of being judged by the colour of my skin.

I have worked many years to embrace the ZEN and BE the arsehole…………not just be thought of one just ‘cos I’m a cracker/honky/palangi/Pakeha

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