Lessons Learned from the NZ Mosque Massacres 2019

The recent predictable events in New Zealand were horrific for us all.

Those of you who have followed my opinions and online statements posted during that period, may have recognised the depth of my sense of disgust, my concern, and my anger.
Having spent so long with the societal programmed fear we have lived with in our world – threat of nuclear annihilation, of the IRA, of communism, of all manner of extremists, and now fear that someone somewhere would lash out indiscriminately against anyone with an opinion based on the facts , the massacre had such moment of clarity for me. It was a tipping point, a true feeling that my or anyone’s attempts to expose the risks from pervasive group-think that will only perpetuate the extremists acts of the desperate against the now endemic left, will fall on the deaf ears of the official lawmakers, and only galvanise our politicians to actions that continue to be self-defeating.

The logic goes: Man uses gun to kill unarmed civilians . . . . . make civilians even less capable of defending themselves. The stupidity of it defies belief. To boot – government after government then seeks to entrench and double down on the very mechanisms that radicalise western males. Yes, this is me saying Australia and New Zealand created this man. He is not a blip. He is an emerging mindset that has no other recourse and it should be terrifying to all of us, not just because that these people exist but because government is well aware of it and is in fact relying on it to forward their own agenda.

I have always challenged extremists of any persuasion and remain resolute that open and frank discussion is essential with them – they form the boundaries of acceptable discourse in a secular democracy and the lefts determination to shut down all communication let alone discussion on this subject matter only isolated all parties, and further allows the matter to fester.

Such a code of silence created by our governments is the very thing that provides the cover that extremism needs to proliferate. Yes thats me laying the blame yet again at the feet of our leaders.

Like anyone – I to am in a position to also call attention to Islamic extremists in a manner that was not open, or politically correct to many within the West who have already been programmed that any critique of Islam is heresy most foul. To yet again raise the reality of the Wahabi Sect of Islam being lauded as the epitome of Islamic thought by the Kingdom of Saud, militarised through Iran, and advertised at great length by the very left itself through such Hamas funded ventures as BDS, and thus lead the way to an eager and waiting Islamic world, is heresy most foul. They simply lack the emotional maturity to openly question what’s going on around them. They are a people firmly beaten into submission. Any deviation from sucking up to the Wahabi narrative has Non-Muslims and reformist Muslims alike being offensively and inaccurately called Islamophobic, to a level where all discussion about the big fucking elephant in the room is impossible.

It means the extremist can use the likes of the shooter as an excuse to eliminate all other discourse.

As such, gone are the days where we said: “can’t we just talk about this . . . . .?”

But what is the take away from the atrocity here – what have we learned?
Indeed, there are valuable lessons that can be derived from the tragic NZ event that underline both the cause and the result along with the perpetuation of a toxic mindset that has now become the norm:

1) It is now glaringly evident there are a growing number of people who believe that their governments need to recognise that dislike of Islamic extremists is not a fringe issue but a widely held view by the political centre of the voting population.

It is now a burgeoning majority of the population, that are perceiving rightly or not that Islam collectively is subhuman, divisive, colonialist, imperialist, expansionist, and deviant. This is the peoples’ perception of an apparent barbaric ideology that is aggressive across the length and breadth of its political, legal, economic and religious doctrine through out its turbulent history. Westerners believe they are coming to a realisation that this credo has no place in a secular democracy, the free market,  and the free world as a whole. This perception cannot be allowed to persist given its implications. The “Powers that be’s” gambit of Just threatening people – particularly those of a Celtic persuasion that they MUST like someone who is now getting a better set of rights than anyone else, is just going to get their backs up. The mere suggestion that now anything of a Nordic heritage is inherently racist, essentially affirms the lefts culturally marxist intention to undermine multiple cultures worldwide simply by labelling them evil.

Their gambit is plain to the layman now: Get Whitey!!

If governments wish to deny their populations’ desire for action against Muslim extremism in their societies, then the blame for a possible rise of extremist politicians and lone wolf actors will lie squarely with those who do not see that their people want action.

It means that all it takes is for one short arsed well spoken, charismatic failed art student/decorated war hero to stand up – and we are right back to the brown shirts once again. The terrifying thing here is that it will be to rapturous applause.
What shocked me the most where the video of the shooting surfaced – was the resolute satisfaction on a lot of people’s faces watching it. I don’t mean from one demographic – I saw this collectively across class, credo, and race. It was like watching an execution of someone they ardently hated. That kind of ingrained hatred tends only to be existent in the mentally ill and where it exists in a population as a majority opinion – you have a problem that is already well out of hand. When you see people watching and going: “That’ll lern’em” and this is the majority feeling, then you know you have a BIG problem to contend with. When hatred precipitates that kind of reaction – there is nothing a government can do to address it. In the face of well documented human rights abuses – ranging from Slavery to capital punishment justified by Islamic scripture it is no wonder people are rightly concerned that mainstream moderate Islam that includes this attitude towards Dhimmi’s (non-believers) will be instituted globally. Any form of force or draconian law change will only further entrench their resolve.
But we are well aware that our politicians are entirely out of touch with their constituents – so are we surprised? This brings me onto point 2:

2) Governments should not underestimate extremists: They are very well funded, incredibly well coordinated via encrypted channels, social media, and all manner of modern technology, coupled with age old tried and true mechanisms like the KGB cell system from the cold war and before. Their purpose – IS – to subvert our entire society. They are extremely calculated and may conduct their attacks in an intelligent way with the solid understanding that the recipe for whatever the hell it is they wish to make to support their terror is a mouse click away. There is no mystery as to how Brenton Tarrant remained under Police radar for two years, while building his arsenal of firearms, Improvised explosives, ammunition and training to massacre civilians. This in my opinion was a calculated move, that put innocent civilians on the block of disarmament and totalitarianism – if you want to ban guns then make them available in an environment that oppresses a single demographic – eventually someone in the demographic will snap and it’s QED. The manifesto he released to the public was not written in the language of a nutter, if anything, it reflects the true thoughts of a moderately intelligent wannabe criminal, its lucid, and within its frame of reference its well thought out. It’s cold, it’s calculated, and it’s the product of an individual devoid of all humanity, with no hope of a future, no hope of any purpose, no direction, no job, and absolutely no hope of ever attaining any identity for himself as a human being. The man is a cuck, an “Incel”, a soy boy, the effluent of a decrepit and corrupt society that hates what he is, and ultimately a society that has no use for him.

Tarrant is the bottom of the barrel and knows it – and has been treated as such his entire life, and like any dog kicked long enough sought to bite his master well knowing it was going to kill him. Whilst he is the emotionally weak shallow end of the gene pool – its highly likely he is not alone and what is more – the scary bit – Tarrant has now shown the world how easy it is. His purpose – I think that speaks for himself – he didn’t expect to live: essentially his gambit was suicide by cop. The irony here is whilst the government counted on this man existing and placed him as sacrifice on the altar of their Utopian dream, he obliged – and placed himself as a means to undermine it. His purpose was at the least to precipitate dialogue, and at best to promote open warfare.

Now I wonder where the New Zealand Govt, that did nothing to assuage the creation of extremists in one of the NZ Mosques – who then went on to create the Charlie Hebdo massacre – will seek to actually address the cis-white-male issues in its own country that will likely continue to create the likes of Tarrant.  Lets summarise that: Muslim extremists  – thats OK – Cis-white-male-christian extremists – not OK.  Do we see a disconnect  here yet?

But we already know this will never happen – as it directly confronts the Marxist Feminist narrative that NZ has forced on us for three generations. They will force handing in of guns. They will not address why their suicide rate is so high. They will not address substance abuse, incarceration rates, domestic violence and the list goes on and on and on. Specifically New Zealand has the 3rd highest child abuse rate – and this is Specifically at the hands of the mothers. This is well documented throughout the world and in contrast to the Feminist Narrative – women are the prime perpetrators of violence towards children, specifically male children. There has been no evidence of any moves whatsoever to address this. It is endemic, it is entrenched and it is normalised.  This is how you create people who hate with all their being. This is how you radicalise people to commit terrorist actions – treat them like deviants and dirt their whole lives then wonder why they go off the deep end.

New Zealand is doubling down on its creation of radicalised white males. It lacks the emotional maturity to recognise that it has gone so far down the rabbit hole there is no going back.  Perhaps Islamisation of New Zealand is the answer – any woman foolish enough to strike a child much less a male child would be publicly flogged. I digress.

3) The next realisation we come to here is that the majority of Western leaders clearly have no pride in their own religion, culture or traditions. They are salesmen, they are con artists, and they have absolutely no moral fibre in the slightest.

It’s not just that they are devoid of any connection to their electorate – or the actual will of the people – these social parasites have no connection to anything – they are floaters – a form of chameleonic life that exists only to sponge off the public purse and serve itself again and again. They will sell their own granny for votes.

A classic example of this is the cliche’ detach – “They were brainwashed and are actually nice people who just need a hug really” as is the case with Greens leader Richard Di Natale who wants ISIS fighters to be allowed back into Australia and described terrorists who had travelled to the Middle East as ‘good people’ who had been brainwashed. It takes virtue signalling to a whole new level and you can bet this idiot lives in a gated community with no actual understanding of the implications to security and the safety of the people around him.

You can show solidarity with people against extremism by adopting better security procedures, not embracing the religious practices of the victims, much less pandering to extremists and then trying to belittle both their numbers and their effect. That kind of sucking up is not only offensive to the intelligence of rational people,  it belies a fundamental undermining of the values of the various religions, and essentially seeks to devalue them by aping them.

News reporters, police officers and the NZ Prime Minister herself were wearing veils. REALLY!! This is a prime example of Cultural Appropriation. OK when they do it – bad when anybody specifically white does it. So when they do it – they do it with zeal and they ram it down our throats:  The call to prayers was blasted out loud from Trafalgar Square in London to New Zealand; basically, the entire Western world being told –




All this to show Muslims that us ignorant infidelic Westerners that we are sorry for what happened to a demographic that routinely and expertly ethnically cleanses, and eliminates any non-muslims in its path throughout it tumultuous history.

You know the logic is severely curtailed when New Zealand women Hijab up – and give the symbol of ISIS – like it’s some form of solidarity with the victims of the massacre. This is an ISIS symbol. It means there is only one God and every other God is false, thus should be fought. Do they even believe in God/G-D/Allah? This foolishness is getting out of control. Someone either tricked them into this or the alternative is much more sinister. Any attempts at education on this matter you know will be met with stiff opposition.

Yes New Zealand – THIS is how fucking stupid you look!!!!

But still nothing about the 100 plus civilians/Christians murdered in Nigeria from these women. It doesn’t fit the narrative. New Zealand truly is a country of sheeple.

Oh look more kids being indoctrinated by SHOCK HORROR  no male teachers into virtue signalling about modesty but still leaving your legs uncovered.  You know you muppets could make it a thing – a simple extension of the slip-slop-slap campaign to reduce skin cancer (Which actually makes a hell of a lot of sense)  – but also educate girls that dressing like sluts is a bad thing, along with the NZ norm of children with multiple fathers not actually being empowering as it makes you entirely beholden to the state. Yay girl power! Lets celebrate . . umm . . the oppression of women . . . . . . oh . . . dear.

All this whilst in Iran, a Muslim human rights lawyer is fighting the oppression of the hijab – and gets 38 years and 148 lashes.

Frankly, I think not only is this an insane way of showing solidarity. It entrenches the hatred even more. It’s like being repeatedly slapped by someone for days and then them expected to to only have to say sorry and not get a slap back, or indeed the damage done is meant to be washed away on a single act of contrition.

These people don’t get the fact that the hatred in the western population now has reached a point where the word of a single charismatic leader will lead once again to concentration camp guards. The implications are horrific.

It is also mind numbing to me, and should be to all thinking human beings. Why can’t Western leaders show their solidarity with the victims without completely sacrificing their religions, culture and traditions?

Well we know that don’t we – they have no religion, culture or traditions. Even the Iranian Feminist community thinks New Zealand are a bunch of Insulting insensitive idiots  

That they felt they had to adopt another’s culture to show sympathy defies belief and shows nothing but utter contempt to the host population as well as the culture they are sucking up to.

4) The self appointed Grand Mufti of Australia and New Zealand thinks he can dictate to the west how we will appease him. There is only one lesson here where we have pulled the teeth from the theocracy hundreds of years ago. Tell this idiotic tin pot little dictator to shut the fuck up or get the hell out of Dodge. That’s all there is. He does not make the laws, he doesn’t get to expect preferential treatment because he is a Muslim. New laws cannot be created to give preferential treatment to Muslims, as this is a one stop legal challenge that will go all the way to the Privy Council.

Or can they. Not a hop, skip and a jump away in Brunei – Amnesty is wetting itself over the imposition of full on hard core Sharia. I digress – back to New Zealand and the self appointed “Grand Mufti”

This man screams “Islamaphobia: and the New Zealand govts falls for it hook line and sinker in demonstrating how this misnomer fails to distinguish between racist hatred of Muslims and fairly criticising grotesque Islamic doctrine. New Zealand fell for this during the Treaty negotiations – and anyone who disagreed with Maori was immediately silenced by being branded a racist – and poor ol’ whitey falls for that gambit every single time so the assailant can now do whatever the hell it likes because everyone is too scared to do a damned thing. 1400 girls raped in Rotherham by Muslim grooming gangs is a classic example of what happens when craven leftists are given a shred of power.

This is further entrenched with the Muftis logic which is simple – ANY criticism of Islam is blasphemy/ Racist/ Islamophobic. This essentially renders Western Cultural norms of questioning everything for its validity/credibility obsolete. Even the extremist and radical Islamists have sought to capitalise on this atrocity to shield themselves and their ideology from any legitimate criticism.
Using the deliberately vague misnomer “Islamophobia”, Islamists seized the opportunity that New Zealand presented to them on a silver plate to insist that any scrutiny of their reading of Islam, as opposed to hatred of Muslims, is cast as bigotry.
Think on that for a minute – as Voltaire so aptly put it: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.”
This simple demand from the Grand Mufti affirms without any speculation indeed, that the New Zealand Government intends to capitulate to any demands made by the Islamic world.

As a word, “Islamophobia” conflates scrutiny of Islam, a powerful world religion, with hatred of all Muslims. It is worth noting that it is primarily only Muslim-majority countries today that still impose a death sentence for, or otherwise criminalise, apostasy and blasphemy.
In those countries where death is the punishment, such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran, it is Islam that is used to justify these laws and not without a plausible scriptural basis.

The very basis of western culture, and the Bardic Tradition itself – is to scrutinise, pick at, investigate and challenge any idea – like a religion that is used to justify the death warrant of so many – that comes with so much power must surely be the right of every free-thinking individual, and thus formed the very basis of Europe’s Enlightenment and thus evolution as a civilisation.

And now it is denied us. A basic human right and a fundamental keystone to our very way of life. New Zealand – a bastion of human rights and the first country in the world to give women the vote has just sold its soul. It has out of fear, pissed its pants, and sold out to appease a bully.

We have learned here that ultimately the left consists of cowards – a craven, gutless, backsliding group-think that is too easily frightened, and much too easily coerced by threats.

This is a country that stood and fought at Gallipoli, and is the ONLY country to win a land war in Asia along with the Australians in Borneo. And look at what they have become.


The New Zealand Government is politically lazy, intellectually dishonest and morally opportunistic as only the Labour Party and its backward policy adoptions continue to be. The ultimate result will be to ignore human dignity, and enforce only blasphemy taboos, whilst entirely overlooking the growing cancer in all extremist camps.

5) The authorities in New Zealand did not believe treating Muslim New Zealanders as New Zealanders was enough.
The rights and privileges afforded by New Zealand culture and the very laws laid down to protect the individual, and all communities in New Zealand apparently wasn’t enough.

Instead – the New Zealand Govt has now had to put a peoples religious identity ahead of their actual citizenship and indeed offer them immunity from prosecution should they then go off to perform all manner of racist and bigoted acts in revenge. Like for example Ahmed Bhamji, the chairman of the Mt Roskill Masjid E Umar, who gave a speech questioning where the gunman got his funding from. He said he suspected it came from “Mossad” and “Zionist business”. So this mans hatred of Jews is well manifest and out there now – will the NZ govt do anything. Will it FUCK! Will this man face prosecution? Will he face a demand for even an apology?
I’m taking bets on this. Such a hateful little man who has imported his hatred with him to the new country – a new life – and dragged all the old shit he was supposed to have left behind with him.

6) The New Zealand PM has stated she will ban semi automatic firearms – the Gangs that presented themselves to protect the mosques have responded:

“Come and take them if you can”-

their logic is pretty simple – the government cannot guarantee their safety – and as such they have made it clear they will not hand in their guns. Lets be clear here – making the law abiding defenceless – whether they be gangs or otherwise only creates problems. We also know that history has proven – when socialists take your guns – oppression isn’t far away.

This idiot of a prime minister is clueless.


New Zealand and Australia created this terrorist, this no-hoper. They knew all they needed to do was just stand back and let him happen while they fostered, built and condoned a system so horrifically biased against European males that eventually the weak among them would snap –  so they could forward their own totalitarian agenda. They are now capitalising on it to subjugate just about everyone that is not Muslim. The Intersectionality between people of colour, Islam, and socialism will through the Labour Party in New Zealand remove the very basic freedoms of the common citizen.

Terrorism is terrorism. Period. But only the New Zealand government can truly double down on terrorist activity and make in infinitely worse.
It will do nothing to address the factors that created Tarrant – dooming the New Zealand population to enter further into the fraternity worldwide of victims of domestic terrorism.

It will do nothing to assuage its cowardice – and will continue to appease an overt aggressor which will result in more criminal acts and further acts of terrorism.

It will continue to perpetrate its war on Europeans, specifically the males and always at the expense of community, of families, of religion, custom, culture and traditions.

It will continue to ignore the facts, and instead cleave to feelz in how it decides to move forward in all facets of its existence.

It will continue to float – while it superficially picks and chooses what it likes out of a myriad of cultures as a means to make itself liked by a world it is desperate to glean potential immigrants out  to New Zealand, to populate a well-known toxic environment where the majority of immigrants leave New Zealand within 6 months.

It really is time to remove the old guard in the deep state administration that is the New Zealand bureaucracy. Too long has it dictated how things are done and regardless of government. But now – with both government and administration being of one mind they have the chance to make a difference: – they will of course miss that chance, line their pockets, beat down the common kiwi – and it will be business as usual at the Beehive.

I despair.

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