New Word for the English Language: Credo-Fluid

I have invented a new word – Credo-Fluid.

This is off the back of the Hitler Pug debacle, and the reality that Humour is now illegal. Satire is now illegal. The bardic tradition is now illegal. ergo I will play the bastards at their own game.

This means I can be any religion I currently identify as being. It means that if I am making critique against any religious ideology I can do so AS A MEMBER of that religion for as long as it suits me so no one can then pull the race card – against a religion – as a means to stall debate, critique, comment or any discourse in fact on that religion.

Essentially it goes like this: Say for example I suggest the Crusades were a bad thing and someone takes offence – and given under current group-think I can now be charged for being offensive – HAHA! Sez I – I am now trans-Catholic and thus I cannot be offensive to my own kind therefore I get a pass and can have a crack at Pedo-Priests while I’m here.

But that can’t work you say – Nuh-Uh I say and here’s why:
The precedent has been set with people ignoring gender/biology which is set in the physical genetics of the human genome. But people are allowed to choose what gender they identify as.

The Precedent has been set with skin colour where people are coming out as Trans-Black . . .again ignoring their physical nature. But people are allowed to choose what they identify as.

The precedent has been set because EVEN GANDHI was Credo-Fluid and when asked if he was a Hindu he answered: “Yes I am, I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Jew.” This is an established fact and has not been disputed by anyone.

QED – that’s all there is folks – I am credo-fluid.

There is however nothing more malleable that ideas – an ideology can be easily changed and it is entirely subjective therefore – If I decide to rant on about Islamic Reform – I shall do so as a Trans-Muslim. No no no you cannot complain and you can’t say that I am racist – as we have already established that Race, Gender, gravity, taxes and Death are all social constructs.

SO – if I am going to have a crack at Feminists (another ideology) then I shall do so as a trans Muslim and if you complain – you are racist and are spreading hate speech against a religion – something that I am protected against under the Equalities Act 2010.

If I have a crack at Type One Grooming gangs and their specific demographic – you cant complain because as a Trans Muslim I will have every right to critique my community in the same way that tomorrow when I am a Trans-Baptist I’ll be having a go at the Westover Baptists and their picketing funerals. Next week I shall be Trans-Catholic and having a go at the Crusades, the Inquisition, and Type 2 pedo-priests.

Here’s the best bit – you just know that someone will point out that as a white boy I have no right to do this . . .which is actually the ONLY racist thing on this post.

Actually – looking at the weather – I am feeling a bit down, so for the moment I shall identify as a Trans black, trans Muslim, one eyed, pregnant, lesbian trans-financial, trans-skinny, apache attack helicopter.  And if you say otherwise . . .well then not only are you racist, bigoted, probably vote Tory, but you also smell of cheese.

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