Vegans™ : The Bank of England Shit-Burger (with fries)

I will always be suspicious of anyone telling me I am bad for being a human being.

I will never take them seriously. I will always keep my powder dry around them as put simply – such people are a social menace and a liability to themselves and the community at large.

Recently I posted a particularly acidic mail on the back of the Bank of England angering so many so called Vegans™ by using slip agents et al in the production of money. To laypeople like you and me – that’s animal fat. Its used throughout many industries as an essential aid to production. No there really isnt anything to replace it and unfortunately its endemic.

Because we live in a time when parents have lets face it – utterly failed in bringing up their children and they are in fact a bunch of lazy, entitled, “Triggered” and speshul snowflakes utterly incapable of dealing with the world at large much less reasoned debate and conversation, and instead live out their lives in echo chamber hug boxes aka “Safe Spaces” it is now wonder said brats go into a tail spin whenever their world view is threatened . . . .I did not say THEY were threatened – just their view of the world.  reasoning with these idiots is pointless.

That horse has bolted a long time ago – so the only thing left to deal with such fucktardery is a stern telling off.  Anything else gives them validation inside that victim mind-set of theirs.

The result of such a stern telling off is hate mail – for my hatred.  I felt so judged when I read this (actually that’s a fib) 14568195_1338832459461863_4282673724632297601_namy-wolf

Here we have the Zealot. She fancies herself as . . .Dangerous.


The pursed lips, the angry stare, all I can say folks is it doesn’t get much more stereotypical than this. The fashionable politically correct vegan who’s angry at everyone and thinks that because she can type – that she has a voice.   Much akin to being savaged by a duck. Noisy, shitty, feathers, pointless. I also have a voice. Bog Off Hippy!

Oh that judgmental stare . . . .she’s probably judging us all because we are all just so nasty.

Remember the first thing I said about people that tell you, that you are bad because you are human.

This is the world I live in: I apparently identify as a cis white male. This is why my cup is full and why I will no longer tolerate this human offal and effluvia thinking they have the right let alone the means to engage.

This is a world where I am told that because I allegedly identify as cis – I am therefore both Trans and homophobic. This gives people the excuse to beat on me and tell me I am bad.

This is a world where I am told that because I allegedly identify as Male – I am automatically (if you believe feminists) a sexual deviant for being born with an XY set of chromosomes and a criminal and I am not safe around your house plants, your dog, your children, and the silver. I personally have been told since I was a child that all men are rapists, deviants, wife beaters, child molesters to name a few.  This gives people the excuse to beat on me and tell me I am bad.

This is a world where I am told that because I allegedly identify as white I am bad. This homogeneous culturally Marxist term that ignores multiple northern latitude cultures and dumps them all in a single pot: White.  It makes me the oppressor. It makes me the bad guy – it makes me the naughty boy that conquered the planet and enslaved everyone. I am apparently a fascist with racist ideas and everything I say is wrong. I am not therefore allowed to engage in debate because I am automatically wrong. This gives people the excuse to beat on me and tell me I am bad.

Remember the first thing I said about people that tell you, that you are bad because you are human.

In this world we have people that believe they are better than other people because they are not cis, not white and not male.

In this world we have people that think that because they are of a particular religion, that they are better than other people. We already also know that such people are called zealots.  In extreme situations – we call those people extremists. Ms Wolf above thinks that its NOT ok to speak in a terse manner to devotees of a particular path. I would say this is no different to therefore critique of any ideology. Since Ms Wolf made this about the 1st Amendment – I will continue as she started and tell her to pull her bigoted head in.

So – lets just summarize for a second with what liberal society says about me:

I am bad because of my Orientation.

I am bad because of my Skin Colour.

I am bad because of my Genitalia.

I am also bad because of my Spirituality,

And now ladies and gentlemen of the Jury I am also bad because of what I eat.

For the above endemic hatred espoused by the liberal left on a daily basis with impunity against half the population, I have had enough. I have had a guts full. I have had it to the back teeth with being told I am a fascist, racist, homophobic sex criminal satanist that kicks puppies, children and hippies for shits and giggles.

I Think that even the most backward and stupid hippy can realise that shit gets tired after a while, but we let it go because we all know that Vegan™   – you know the one that wants to burn your jumper because oppressed sheep, or picks on bikers because leather is murder.  We also know that the majority of Vegans are this way.

They are put simply, hateful, ignorant, vicious, nasty little cunts. They’re scum. They are the clockwork dalek that given the chance will become concentration camp guards, or bottom inpsectors. There is a special place for them in hell next to child molesters and people that talk in theatres.

We also know of a handful of people who aren’t any of those things. They are plugged into their trip and are not interested in telling anyone else how to run their lives. They don’t judge – AND – tend to be a fabulous source of information when it comes to extending your palette when it comes to awesome food. I can count the number of vegans I know like this on one hand.


Its ridiculous – these so called enlightened ANGELS should be swarming all over the place but alas no – the good guys are the exception – not the rule. There’s the rub.

This is why I bark so loudly when I see yet another fucking tirade of bullshit  – my cup is already full of all the other evil things I do, and all the reasons why I am wrong, or evil, or deviant.  This is just another example of 1st world privilege in a world where so called Vegans™ talk about animal rights yet in reality they use all manner of items daily that depend on said animals to exist whilst spitting on the people around them.

I am sick of their hypocrisy. I am sick of their attitude. I am sick of their inability to engage in an discussion. I am sick of their threats, their censorship, their screams and wails and wholehearted determination to fuck up everyone else’s life around them for the sake of their own self-righteous zeal and feelz.

Seriously – leave people the fuck alone – live your life – and STFU! Because you couldn’t and wouldn’t engage with people for some decades now- you have collectively been relegated to the title of CRANK. Irrelevant. Do not expect anyone to take you seriously anymore until you start living your life and not proselytizing your bullshit anymore. It is not hatred for me to say – ENOUGH OF YOUR HATRED.

Remember the first thing I said about people that tell you, that you are bad because you are human. I automatically aim to respect people because they are human, but will shut you down the moment you think to treat me as anything less than human. 

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