Uncovering the Endemic Hatred in the Modern Pagan Community

The Collective pagan community has taken a stance. Its leaders have taken a stance. It is a fashionable, politically correct stance based on misinformation. It is a Stance firmly ingrained with utter hatred. It is a stance made by people who  inhabit a bubble of alternative facts, who are impervious to scepticism, who are held together by a pseudo-ethnic solidarity, relentless propaganda, denialism, and familial love and loyalty to the party/groupthink.

It is an old hatred that has been fashionable, and chic, and with it now for some centuries and the irony of it should not be lost on a single one of them if only they had the means to reason the hard reality of their folly.

I will elaborate as a means to direct the reader to a simple and harsh truth. This is just one example of how sick the wider community is.

The New Black – the new established and trendy “religion” for the middle classed liberal desperate to be out there and different is “Heathenry”. It is a lifestyle that now pervades the entire pagan  subculture.

Its important because these people run the central organisations that pagans flock to now. They run the publications. Heathenry pervades every facet of a alternative culture desperate to find spiritual meaning in a modern world.

But: Heathenry has a history because even if we accept that without historical context at best it is reconstructionism based on a culture that believed in honour, community, family, and out and out xenophobia resulting some of the most holistic purges throughout history. Be it the inspiration of the Witches Hammer – the different and the lame were put to the torch with inquisitorial zeal. All enemies of Christ and therefore the State were eliminated.  We saw how this mind-set turned banking clerks into concentration camp guards.

The very core of this so called lifestyle, being social responsibility, and obedience had been warped into something altogether nasty, but undeniably human. The cause of social justice gave the vocal few and then their hordes of willing acolytes a reason, and a means to hate with impunity.

“Punch a nazi” became “Everything I disagree with it literally Hitler” . The path to any useful dialogue, understanding and coexistence with diversity of thought was gone. The old societal order of Germanic totalitarianism had taken hold.

Modern heathenry would have us forget all that because just like the Labour Party and its white wash report on endemic racism in the party (the party stands for anti-racism, therefore there is no racism in the party)  fostered by its very leader – Heathenry and the collective pagan community tends towards a very sinister motto:

 “I’m not anti-Semitic, just anti-Zionist.”

It predicates its’ reality on the lie: “But I am the good guy” and therefore any suggestion that anything they do that is bad is automatically obviated from their mind. It simply does not, cannot compute for a mindset that is actually incapable of understanding simple concepts. Instead it reverts to basic tribalism.

The ignorance of the statement:  “I’m not anti-Semitic, just anti-Zionist.” defies belief. Yet it is easy to see (if you don’t look) how they have got it so horribly wrong.

Here’s why most people who say that are kidding themselves, and insulting the intelligence of the people around them.

To some degree, I am guarded about conflating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism because one must be very clear about definitions, and even clearer about intent. None the less there is that enormous elephant in the room: Jewish Identity.

By Definition Zionism is the “world-shattering” movement that asserts a Jewish right to statehood, self-determination, self-protection, and self-empowerment, especially in the historic Jewish homeland of Israel. Anti-Zionism is in utter opposition to that undertaking and to the existence of the world’s only Jewish state: Israel.

It has been my experience to observe the most savvy of pagans to attempt to divorce their fashionable hatred by degrees of separation and these self-proclaimed  anti-Zionists take great care to avoid anti-Semitic tropes. Out there in the world to be sure, some of these anti-Zionists are themselves Jewish. Conversely some anti-Semites do not oppose Zionism for various political or religious reasons. Nevertheless, the sharp distinctions often drawn between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are problematic only in as much we ignore the underlying reality of Jewish Identity.

Before I move on I will also define my own approach to the wails of racism that usually come from a liberal losing a debate with a conservative.  The critique of an ideology, be it political, economic, religious et al – is not racism. It can never be racism. It is a critique of an idea.  Pagans, of all people who base a great deal of their ideology on the bardic tradition – that is to question authority, to question ideas, to lampoon leaders and stupid ideas cannot therefore scream racism when for example Islamic ideology is questioned. But they do. In diametric opposition to the facts – they instead cleave to the intersectional narrative.

As such – neither can I call the reasoned critique of the actions of the Knesset racism. As such criticism of Israeli policies is not in and of itself anti-Zionist either, much less anti-Semitic – one can absolutely believe in self-determination, self-empowerment, and statehood for the Jewish nation without supporting, for example, the settlement construction policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition that upset so many people who have no idea as to the history of the land concerned to begin with..

That’s kind of WHY Israel has it proportionally representative government (the only one in the middle east).

Everyone gets their say.  Heathens however call this Apartheid……………….no really – they actually do call a proportionally representative government open to all in a country where anyone can attend any educational institution – apartheid.

Furthermore, support for Zionism and support for Palestinian nationalism are far from mutually exclusive – on the contrary, the majority of Israelis and Palestinians believe in a two state solution with both a Jewish and a Palestinian state, and the wide spread oppression that Palestinians have experienced across Southwest Asia should naturally inspire empathy in Zionist Jews. My disgust is not with people who are uncomfortable with certain Israeli policies but with those who oppose Zionism to mask their hatred of Jews, and or to boot, those who support Palestinian nationalism under the thrall of a foreign power – Hamas –  whilst all the while ignoring the hard fact that all that liberal rhetoric about women’s’ rights, LGBT issues, to name a few are rendered meaningless through supporting a regime that would send such rights back to the dark ages.

I digress.

So let’s work this out for the Anti-Zionist. Put simply lets rub their nose in their own utter stupidity.  Ignorance you can fix . . . .a window you can fix, a car you fix, hell even titties you can fix – but you can’t fix stupid!  Let’s examine their logic.

Ultimately, to be anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic is to accept the existence of the Jews as long as they are dependent on non-Jews for their very lives.

Think about that. The Pagan/Heathen Liberal loves nothing more than to tell other people how to live.

By opposing Jewish self-determination, anti-Zionists demand that Jews return to a diaspora condition in which they are minorities everywhere and are entirely subject to the whims of their temporary hosts. Jewish life before the state of Israel, in much of the world, was characterised by humiliation, subjugation, and massacres whenever such atrocities were in the interests of their host communities, and there is no reason to believe that the same situation would not arise again if they were to return to the pre-Israel global dynamic. Essentially, anti-Zionists who denounce anti-Semitism imply that Jews may live as long as non-Jews permit them to live, but no longer.

Seriously Pagans – and Heathens specifically I am looking at you and your so called leaders! . . . .this alone sinks you!

To be anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic is to accept the existence of the Jews as long as they cannot mobilise politically.

It is to say that they can participate as individuals in political systems built by and for non-Jewish populations, but they may not build their own political institutions or represent themselves. For example French Jews may vote in French elections, but they may not establish a state in which they are the majority so that their communal needs are consistently met; in France, Jews have legal equality but not basic security. Anti-Semitic hatred in France is well documented now with incidents happening almost daily against Jews. Jews are no longer safe (if they ever were) in France. Anti-Zionism thus forever constrains the Jewish religion, culture, peoplehood, and safety to the limits that non-Jews set for them.

So here’s the giggle. Pagans with all their eco-warrior tittering and demanding of government to make the world safe, green, natural and clean somehow have affirmed that its ok for pagans to be safe but deny this simple reality to Jews.

That’s pretty damning. That good guy Liberal Pagan/Heathen image is starting to look pretty shitty isn’t it?

To be anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic is to accept the existence of the Jews as long as they know their place.

It’s easy to understand how the middle classed north London champagne socialist who is used to “The Help™” looking after the kids, cleaning the car, picking up their dry cleaning can dehumanise people as cheap labour, throwaway people, easily replaced in their free-perfect-now mind-set. It comes as no surprise that anything upsetting that is deemed less than human. This is why concentration camp guards happen.

The millennia of Jew-hatred and oppression in Europe has left a deeply ingrained conception of Jews as beneath non-Jews, as somehow backward and doomed to exist among and between other, more powerful peoples. The over inflated ego nurtured through millennial narcissism of that fashionable pagan/heathen naturally thinks it’s the good guy. It can do no wrong and lacks even the slightest bit of emotional maturity to weather any challenge to such a mind-set.  Hell I bet the poor dear that’s reading this right now has already gone into  tail spin over it because I am basically calling them out for the utter abhorrent scum they are.

Zionism is ground-breaking in that it asserts a Jewish claim to equality – It is very clear that Jews will no longer accept an eternally degrading status, but rather will demand to function as a group with the same rights as all others, including representation on the international stage and the ability to choose their own leaders.

You know – all that stuff we take for fucking granted!

I think we call them inalienable rights. For people so aghast at the potential for the UK Human Rights act being knocked on the head, and indeed the ECHR being obviated from British Law it is indeed astounding .

All revolutions are met with conservative backlash, and in the case of Zionism that opposition also includes Jews who are content with a scattered existence of displacement, but that backlash does not make the Jewish claim to equality any less legitimate. The exception does not make the rule.

To be anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic is to accept the existence of the Jews as long as they fit into the boxes that others have prescribed for them.

It’s easy to see how entitled British Pagans/heathens can get all huffy because its political views supporting terrorists by proxy are challenged with you know – logic. Facts. Reasoned Debate. Something they are incapable of processing because they were never given the means to do so. But what can you do with such people: Alea iacta est.

It matters not one jot to the fashionable pagan that Jewish identities have long been diverse. Some based in religious doctrine and others based in other social, legal, ethical, cultural, or historical codes. Let’s not forget that Judaism was labelled a “religion” by a Church-dominated Europe. Anti-Zionism tends to enforce the Christian European notion of Jews as constituting solely a religious group in competition with the Church, or the anti-Jewish Enlightenment notion of Jews as constituting solely a religious group in competition with rationality and secularism.

Think about that for a second. Pagans/Heathens think this way because the culture that bore them conditioned them to think this way. For all their claims of getting back to their cultural roots, all they are doing is affirming the conditioning of mother church. To this backwards credo, Jews are killers of Christ, and therefore are terrorists to decent god fearing people.

This cancerous attitude denies Jews the right to decide for themselves how they identify – more often than not, among other things, as part of a nation.

Finally, to be anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic is to accept the existence of the Jews in theory but not in practice.

And there it is. “But I have Jewish Friends” some of these wankers will say, as if this somehow absolves them of the sickness within. even better they say – but there are Jewish antizionists!!……………..and I answer 1) your exception doesnt make the rule, and 2) The Intersectionality Narrative puts hostile forces in the the civilian camp – so then any attack on that camp is an attack on tghe vulnerable idea – Its easy for a PLO/HAMAS/Hezbollah member to set themselves up as a Jewish Voice for Peace who advocates noting but the destruction of Isreal………….and if you complain about their rhetoric – you are attacking Jews…………(But you’re not really)

The reality disconnect of the modern pagan/heathen who let’s face it probably cut their teeth on Harry Potter: their grasp of the modern world is indeed too much to actually cope with. Their world exists in theory – they have little to no practical experience in just about anything outside their day to day drudgery, job, and middle classed ladder climbing, infighting and squabbling. The Internet is mother, the internet is father.

As other states across Southwest Asia and the Middle East have imploded, or just disintegrated, groups like Daesh/Al Qaeada/ISIS have massacred Shi’a Muslims, Christians, and Kurds of various religious backgrounds (especially Yazidis), while groups like the Iran-backed “Popular Mobilisation Units” in Iraq or Hezbollah militants in Syria massacre Sunni Muslims. If the Jewish state were to voluntarily dissolve itself, as seems to be the suggestion of many American and European anti-Zionists, or if it were to merge with other states to become an unstable anarchy of rival groups like Syria, Iraq, or Lebanon, it would be inviting a similar wave of massacres against Jews by those who have promised to destroy them, from Hamas to Daesh and many more. I find it strange that British University students AND THEIR VERY TEACHERS who know what happened when Europe drew borders around countries like Syria still suggest that American and European powers pressure Israel into merging with Palestine. If, as some anti-Zionist peers suggest, Israel were to stop defending its borders and cease to exist as a state, then (approximately) half of the global Jewish population that lives there would be immediately vulnerable.

In Summary

In theory, one can be anti-Zionist and not anti-Semitic, but that is a more subtle distinction than it is generally assumed to be. It is a subtlety that is utterly beyond the typical pagan/heathen, and given the social conditioning of the contemporary millennial pagan/hipster who lacks the emotional maturity to engage in robust debate let alone work beyond their cognitive dissonance when faced with the simple facts that will destroy their world view and uncover simple realities that indeed their Anti-Zionism is just Jew hate by proxy – we know it is a subtlety that is beyond the modern pagan

They Hate. They NEED to hate. Their hate is part of their identity. It’s that simple.

Indeed – according to these deviants, one can support the continued existence of the Jewish people without supporting their rights to independence, political mobilisation, equality in the global system, or self-definition. One can also value Jewish lives in theory without valuing them in practice.

In Reality however, the thin line between Antisemitism and anti-Zionism should be constantly critiqued, problematised, and challenged, lest it serve as a rhetorical tool to enable anti-Zionists in the pagan/heathen community spurred on by the emerging Heathen Zeitgeist to obfuscate the disturbing natural conclusions of what they advocate.


Cold calculating murderous fashionable hatred.

This is what happens when an entire subculture is lead by the nose, fed misinformation, and like the Stanford Experiment, given permission to abuse.


Now the Riot Act – We  know that historically from the middle ages, and from the Holocaust, that Jew Hate leads to Everything Hate.  Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Communists, Trade Unionists, Homosexuals, Romanies, Free Masons and yeah – you guessed it you short sighted and sorry lot: Pagans/Heathens.

The solution addresses a larger problem that being a Liberal Mindset that already has its ideas set in concrete. This mindset supports censorship of any critical view, violence against any conflicting ideas, and the dogged determination that because they are the good guys, they must also be the victim and because of Social Justice, they can never be wrong. This has been affirmed by both sides of the vote in the Americas resorting to Violence, sieges, and eventually an attack on Capitol Hill. Both sides decry the other, but when you ask a Heathen about a year of BLM (Hamas Backed) or ANTIFA burning and rioting, and laying siege to government buildings – THATS PERFECTLY OK!!. You cant make this stuff up!

Its the mindset that protests the moment an election or referendum doesn’t go their way – . They are anti democratic. They celebrate the mediocre and force echo chamber logic into everything they do whilst enforcing the narrative that everyone is oppressed. Unless your cis-white-male-straight – in which case you are wrong.

It means Heathens don’t get to say – he said she said – they don’t get to point the finger at the other guys in silly hats that are also heathens ALSO doing what they are doing – also breaking the law, also committing acts of hate.  You all wear the same symbols and are all guilty of either engaging in this culture of hatred directly – OR supporting it by whatever craven means you can find.

ONLY the parts of the Heathen community that have ACTIVELY SAID – the violence, the hatred, the divisory politics, and the fashionable hatred of ANY demographic being a fundamental WRONG get a by on this. The rest of you – are guilty as sin!

The fashionable hug groups/bubble of the Hater-Heathen (Acronym HH, aka 88)  will also support the group think of its political party. In the UK today it is fashionable to Hate Jews. They do this by supporting a globally recognised foreign funded Terrorist Organisation in control of Places like Gaza. This same organisation wouldn’t think twice about killing the very liberals that support them. The very liberals who have absolutely no idea what’s going on, let alone the vast history of the area. This is the lunacy of the intersectional mindset.

. . .and then they wonder why normal people get sick of the liberal crap they have to endure and go to the “right” (actually a bit left of centre)  and then get labelled for being “Folkish Heathens”.

This is why pagans if they keep on track will be their own undoing.

Take a lesson.  Pagans. Your Jew Hate has to stop. “The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews.”

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