I am numb to this now. I am stunned in fact that I feel nothing. Its just another Monday with news of a shooting, a bombing, a mass stabbing. It is apparent that we are expected collectively to persevere to endure an ever increasing, ever more violent and catastrophic perversion of the liberal principals on which we build our society.

We are expected to turn a blind eye to an economic, political and religious ideology that condones this kind of violence and is given a pass because it is well funded and “Politically incorrect” to call it out. Britain prides itself on its cosmopolitan nature, and to avoid another Admiral Duncan we have a number of things to contend with as the world gets crazier and crazier every single day now.

Gun control is not the issue here (as proven here in the UK with a pub bombing – some nutter will always find a way) – The issue is ideology and the big elephant in the room that no-one wants to tackle because they don’t want to be labelled racist, bigot, <insert liberal epithet> etc. Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice. I’ve lost far too many loved ones over the years whose lives were made bloody miserable by intolerant thugs. – enough is enough.

Even a mountain is not resilient to the relentless wear of water, or even time. When I am told we must persevere to endure – that we must tolerate those that would dress our innards across a hedgerow simply because we are infidels – I think only one thing:


It is not hatred I feel – the cold clarity and reality of what is happening every single day on this planet now has no room for hatred. It is not intolerance I am expressing my right to speak up when I stand and demand safety for my family and friends from those that govern us.


It is not racism to call out a political, economic, or religious ideology that is extremely well financed and backed by governments that hate us.


It is not Bigotry to call out that Ideology and have some scream, “But we’re not all like that – yes we carry the same banner, and add weight and ballast to the ones that ARE like that, and otherwise we do absolutely nothing to stem the tide of radicalisation, extremism and hatred.”


They shell us from civilian positions then scream victim when we remove the threat. We are forced to step back to let them continue.


They shoot us in shopping malls, clubs, cafes, and hospitals, and we fall back.


They throw us from buildings, and we fall back.


They burn us in wire cages, and we fall back.


They destroy our holy places and we fall back.


They threaten our governments to capitulate and we fall back,


They rape our women and children – and we fall back for fear of being called racist.



Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice: Ayaan Hirsi.

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