“The Beautiful people – the beautiful people”

Solstice 2015: Forgive them father for they know not what they do:stonehenge 2014

I do feel myself overwhelmed with the urge to SPIT!

When I refer to Pagans™  generally as the scum of the earth people who know me know what I am talking about. But for the layman – I am talking about idleness. I refer to a fashionable class of people that are in fact social parasites.

I do not refer to the minority of people that just get on with the work as exampled by other celebrations (Like Anglesey) , that are actual contributors in their community and for the most part are fundamentally honest because they recognise the universe wouldn’t have it any other way.

My opinions as to the attitudes, politics, and antics of the entire pagan community from the most well meaning Magrat Wannabe hedgewitch through to the likes of the Grandiose Pagan Federation with its institutionalised leftist social justice advocacy that seeks to rip the tongues from any dissenters –  the bottom line is simple.

These people are product. 

Collectively they represent a mind-set that does not cleave to the Earth as its Mother.

If they did – they would fight tooth and claw, hoof and horn for what it right instead of shitting where they eat.

They cleave instead to the Tit of Mother State. They cannot function without leadership. They cannot function without the state. They cannot take responsibility for themselves and this is why they live shit, detritus, rubbish and leave chaos in their wake everywhere they go.

This is the product socially engineered by savvy government creating an ignorant underclass that is happy to live on its knees, in its own shit, and revel in the smell.


It is a physical disability of a great many pagans to take responsibility for the world around them Typically they are liberals first and to be sure less than 3 meals from pure totalitarianism if anyone thinks different to them.

This is their arrogance.


This is their creed.

Seriously. FUCK YOU GUYS!


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