Social Justice Advocacy and the Destruction of the Esoteric Community.


How Political Correctness forced the Witch to Keep Silent again.

“when you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar; you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

Tyrion Lannister- Game of Thrones

Before I get stuck into this rather meaty topic you should understand how I tick and why I tick this way. I am on the autism spectrum, an Aspie. I do not look at this as a disorder, or a disability as it is so common within a number of professions and populated by people that do extremely well in their chosen field as a result.

Here’s a brief explanation:

People on the Autism spectrum look at the world in a truly unique manner. What the rest of the world labels as “a disability” is, to those of us on the spectrum, a creative, neurological diversity in how we process information and adjust our “lenses” in viewing the world: Many people on the spectrum can “zoom in” to see miniscule yet crucial details of a situation. I can also pull back the lens and see the extreme whole of a situation, connecting groups of facts across disciplines and fields that may seem to have no apparent relationships. I can do both of these “lens adjustment” feats simultaneously.—Laurie A. Couture

I see patterns. I see causality in events based on data,  and I study issues through the perspective of history whilst at the same time trying to understand context. As a result, I don’t go over the top or blow things out of proportion; I just state hey this thing is just like that thing and here are the supporting factors My brain isn’t wired like that. I look at the facts when I make a determination, When I see a trend, I state it as being exactly what it is or exactly what it’s most similar to in a historical framework.

So if you become upset by the end of this article, or perceive me to be using a popular trope found in arguments, I quite specifically am not resorting to exaggeration, hyperbole, rhetoric, overstatement, or embellishment. When I make a statement or determination, it is based purely on facts, information, and data gathered through historical investigation, and sociological examination: I try to understand the WHY. Please keep that in mind as while I accept this is a work in progress and I am open to additional data which may entirely rewrite this article, I none the less stick to what I know. So this isn’t about my victimology, it is instead my observations and personal experiences that back those observations focused through the lens of someone with an aspie brain.

I have been examining now for a while the developing group-think called Social Justice Advocacy – manifest through its agent: the Social Justice Warrior.

Let me be clear from the onset I do not refer to this ilk with any affection. To me it represents something wholly abhorrent in our society and essentially undoes any right to freedom of speech as well as religious expression.

Social Justice Advocacy exists to direct what is acceptable not just to say, but also to think.thought police

Up until recently this mind-set had been relatively benign, existing as a means to regulate the acceptable boundaries of discourse, and then allow robust debate within it, and giving the illusion of freedom of speech. But now it’s overt and aggressive posturing essentially threatens everything our forebears fought so long and hard for.

Even what we think is under threat of censorship.

My concern arises from the wall of ignorance this clique represents and condones across the length and breadth of our entire culture. Ultimately this insidious mind set pervades a number of subcultures also – not the least the likes of 3rd wave feminism and the Y-Generation Liberal mind set manifesting in a wholly illiberal regime.

Think about that for a second – that actually makes it VERY far reaching.

It matters because this very mind set also dictates the way supposedly beneficent/and benevolent organisations throughout our society actually tick. It builds a wall around an established policy/methodology of how things are and how they are to be done. Then nothing will break through this to either modernise a potentially parochial mind-set or even be allowed to critique how this group goes about its day to day.

To be sure any thought of questioning the status quo results in that person being utterly shut out of any further discussion as well as any groups that may be even remotely related to the original discussion – so far reaching is the fear mongering and hatred of the exponents of censorship that the SJW mind-set now represents.  This eliminates dialogue, and stifles progress.

This laissez faire attitude to any external input creates a “damn the torpedoes” approach with their illiberal policies in the face of an ever widening pool of people who are very uncomfortable with the actual manifest outcome of those policies. It goes beyond ceasing to listen to critique. It applies an almost Stalinist purge philosophy toward any dissention.

Let’s examine how this works:

The Purpose of the Social Justice Warrior is to combat oppression. This is a noble venture to be sure but contemporary social justice advocacy manifests very differently.  In the first instance the Oppressor is now clearly defined in SJW doctrine.  The Cis-White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant-Male.

It means that being straight is bad.luenig

It means being Caucasian is bad

It means being western European is bad

It means being Christian is bad

It means being male is bad.

It defines the ruling and therefore oppressive class clearly and then embarks on its class war to attack that mark drawing a line between its perception of the “Haves” and the “Have-Nots”

Why does this matter for the occult/esoteric community and why therefore should it matter for any organisation that represents that community? I raise this because conversation let alone robust debate about progress in any depth with this sort of organisation, or the people therein; the social justice advocate, is utterly fruitless as logic and reason hit the brick wall of fear and hatred manifest by social justice advocacy either exhibited by these people, or the executive level  of these organisations.

The first indication of what you are dealing with – and – that you have absolutely no chance of furthering any discussion with these people is the sort of excuse you get for being shut down, and shut out: “Oh we’ve had a number of complaints from people about what you said, what you did, what you posted, your tone, what you were wearing” and so forth. These are anonymous complainants that cannot be named for their safety sake.  They can’t be named because you have already been classified as a criminal and a deviant, and these anonymous complainants must be kept safe from you.

As a defence strategy this is brilliant as it puts you on the back foot from the get go and expects you to stay in a place of defence rather than attack.

The Authority figure that is now censuring you attempts to pass themselves off as the good guy attempting to adjudicate, to mediate, to keep the peace whereas in reality they are the centre of the problem.

They pass their hatred off as being Liberal – but are anything but.

At this point many people will attempt again to reason with this authority figure – citing logic, reason, scientific evidence, nationally gathered statistics based on empirical evidence and so forth. It’s pointless as you’ve already lost purely because you attempted to play the game in the first place.

Let’s look at a little closer at the SJW paradigm.  It basically comes down to the harsh fact that who <“I”> am essentially undermines any weight in any conversation I have with them. As stated the Cis-WASP-Male is the bad guy.  That is not to say – this Guy Aleq Grai – but what I represent.

Wait Wut? You say . . . ok suspend disbelief for a second and enter into Aleq-Land.

This goes beyond the feminist meme: If a man is alone in the forest with no woman to hear him, is he still wrong?

Indeed this goes way beyond the fact that I’m an objectionable bastard at the best of times because it doesn’t get that far to register in their cognitive mind. Instead the SJW’s basest instincts come to the fore, and Reptile brain goes to DEFCON 1, invoking the fight or flight response the moment I utter any words of dissention contrary to the body politic dogma.


Because I am a Man representing the phallocentric war mongering meat eating right wing industrial military complex aka – The Patriarchy. (I have a badge and a teeshirt and everything – all men get one when they’re born)


Because I am Caucasian etc etc etc  (see above)

Surely not you say – surely this is too simplistic you say. NO – that I’m cis-WASP-male doesn’t even manifest in their conscious mind because for so long now it’s been politically correct to write off anything the Oppressor says.  The irony that other WASPs condone this makes it all the more ridiculous.

Being a cis-WASP-male allows the SJW an immediate get-out-of-difficult-discussions-free card

The problem with this brand of modern social justice advocacy is that who one is, as a person (race, class, gender, etc.) is the be all and end all of their capacity to have a certain viewpoint.  The Oppressor argument has led to a way of thinking that excuses the SJW logic. That being writing off ANYTHING considered contrary to the SJW mindset without remotely considering its content/merit/veracity.

A social justice advocate of today can discount an opinion simply because it is said or written by a group they feel oppresses them.

Any Group.

As an example this has been represented all too clearly at the Calgary Comicon Expo  where women, disagreed with a feminist at an open panel and were therefore thrown out of the expo – AND – banned from all others due to complaints from an anonymous source.  This happened because someone suggested hey wouldn’t it be a great idea if feminists ditched the damselling aspect of their credo (aka victimhood) and instead went for a more empowered state of mind.  They got hanged for it. Yes the police were also called.morpheus meme

This works because the oppressed enters into a reality challenged state of victimhood – the basis for 3rd wave feminism. So rather than deal with dissenting ideas, it instead expels them with violence if necessary.

To boot they further justify the horrible things they do – because at least they were well intentioned, yet they are overlooking the experiential, or empirical reality of the outcome.

Even a five year old understands the concept of consequence.

This parallels the situation I was involved in because I too deliberately disagreed with feminist disinformation being proselytised through the Pagan Federation Facebook forum – and I presented evidence to support my position – politely, calmly and rationally.

So predictable is the outcome with this mind-set that I already knew how it was going to turn out. I played this game when I complained a few years back over a very unsavoury officer of theirs and they did their level best to snow/ignore/and shut down the complaint . So it was with my entering into this particular conversation. So no I’m not the victim – this was an exercise in show these dear souls up and the intolerant collective that they are.

Predictably I was booted from the forum on the basis of anonymous complaints that couldn’t be identified for their safety – and then I was booted from the Fed when I raised a formal complaint, being told my membership had run out when it most clearly had not. Having checked with Regional Coordinators and they, with their chain of command any concerns that I could be wrong were allayed. I was current and paid up. I was in good standing. The Fed refused to deal with the complaint. I further checked my own pay-pal receipts for paid subscriptions and again I was proven correct. So essentially the Fed threw a member in good standing under the bus for the sake of Social Justice Advocacy.

Quad erat demonstrandum.

Stepping back from this tactic we can see that this is the logical fallacy known as ad hominem attack whereby one attacks the person saying an argument rather than the argument itself. Essentially these people shoot the messenger. But this logical fallacy has become the primary manifest weapon of the contemporary social justice warrior.

It is means to undermine, shut down, or at the very least stall academia, critical thinking, and intellectual honesty. These poor triggered victims represent an intellectual cowardice that is utterly contemptible.

It means that critical thinking, rational discussion; sharing of ideas and any form of intellectualism has been destroyed.

Put simply it is utterly anathema to the cause of the Occult Community, that being the illumination of mankind through spiritual development.

It means the examination of new ideas in Esoterica is no longer an option. I don’t mean it is under threat but it has been in fact destroyed. It’s gone. It’s dead. It’s history for the majority of people, essentially leaving the mystic without an occult pot to piss in.

It also means that the Pagan Federation UK is no longer a friendly and safe place for cis-WASP-males to express their ideas unless those ideas are first approved by the SJW element of the Fed.  Such approval can only be passed now with the words: “Who’s my bitch?” to pagan men who now have to suck up, and pander to an over educated, middle classed, bored, shrill, body stereotype that thinks men and their opinions are expendable.

Taking this back out into the real world again we see that SJW group-think now seeks to tell people that they can think. Remember that SJW methodology is about addressing and fighting oppression. Thus like feminist rape culture they must seek out and expose all sources of oppression. Where they can’t find them, they must invent them. To these people everything could be an expression of the Patriarchy or the ruling classes, and therefore oppression.

To these people there is no such thing as innocence – only degrees of guilt. straight Pride

Therefore they must find anyone they can that validates their oppression.

For example, for some time now the reality of homosexuality in the west being OUT – has the majority of the population essentially going “meh”. With 15-30% of the population being into same sex relationships this essentially makes the orientation normal. The population has adjusted and adapted and just gotten on with its life.

As far as the majority of both the gay and straight population is concerned it makes homosexuality nothing to sing out about, let alone impose ideas on other demographics to whom it is alien and to people who have no chance of understanding the LGBT community.

It means there are a lot of people out there who want nothing to do with the gay community because they have nothing in common with the gay community. This approach is called: “Live and Let Live” – yet is unacceptable to the SJW victim mind-set determined to be validated on the pain and misery of others.

Feminists also use this gambit to attack anyone they can with the “if you’re not one of us you are the enemy” argument. If you do not identify as a feminist then you are evil. Woe betide the fool that identifies as an egalitarian, that is heresy most foul because the feminist brand of equality is better than anything else. It is simple indoctrination through fear.

2+2=5bake the cake

Globally homosexuals going for a few fast bucks, and to sock it to the man, and make the bastards pay for centuries of gay hate and abuse. They are attacking Bakeries and Bed and Breakfasts the world over. The cake situation is a perfect example of people who go to make a few fast bucks at the expense of a business but here’s the kicker.

You can bet in a lot of cases there was no wedding to begin with – AND – why haven’t these people had a go at Muslim Bakeries yet?

A Lesbian couple was awarded $135K because a Christian bakery wouldn’t serve them, citing 88 instances of emotional distress and mental rape! Cowardice makes these people go after an easy mark. If the shoe is on the other foot and Christians go after a Pro-Gay Bakery looking for a pro-Christian cake you can bet they will get turned down every single time – and this will happen with impunity because the entitled SJW mind-set is untouchable for fear of also being branded politically incorrect, sexist, homophobic etc etc etc.

It’s the same reason Hunt Saboteurs and the Animal Liberation Front go after fox hunters – but do not attack a Halal-no-Stun Slaughterhouse.  Find something to be oppressed by – then go for the easy mark. The oppressor. The White Guy.  Oppression validates the whole trip.

The SJW is only interested in your holistic capitulation, in body, mind and soul rather than just leaving these people the fuck sex illegal in the bible.

They need to accept that all communities will likely have something in them they don’t like. Expecting Fundamentalist Christians to change their credo given the multiple instances in the bible where homosexuality is given a big no-no – is ridiculous.

It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong. It doesn’t matter that yes this religion presents some pretty nasty ideas.  It also doesn’t matter that yes that are some bloody horrible anti-gay (usually women) people that will be more than happy to burn a Queer for Jesus. They are the exception that does not make the rule.

The expectation of getting any traction from a community when you tell them the very core of their religion no less is wrong, and that they must change OR ELSE is only going to generate a hateful backlash in the extreme from people that up until then just wanted to be left alone. Put simply they will use the same rules you just did to shut you down, and rest assured they WILL then try to kill you.

SJW Group-Think can never address the underlining issues by deliberately shutting down any dissention. It’s sure as hell not going to achieve anything useful from litigation except a few fast bucks. It can never address concerns of inequality and it most certainly cannot address let alone understand that all communities have issues – REAL Issues in today’s society.

Banning anything you don’t like, let alone the ways of an entire culture is the mind-set of an infant. It is sure to get a culture that was happy to live and let live seriously riled up. It is not conducive to community. Going out and finding a community that doesn’t think like you then suing them because they don’t think like you is idiotic. Again, I note these people never try it against Muslims. They always go for the soft target.
But it’s worse than that because with this institutionalised ignorance comes politically correct and socially acceptable hatred.

rick warren

This type of institutionalised hatred is even more insidious because it allows people to assign whatever the SJW groupthink deems appropriate to whatever demographic it likes so again we must look at the wider community and not just the pagan one.

This same mind-set puts the Pagan Federation as an example at odds with its own Interfaith initiatives.

To boot with respect to the developing Occult community, Social Justice Advocacy through the likes of the Pagan Federation passes itself off as being liberal, open minded and “The good guy”. It pats itself on the back kidding itself that it is fighting for good whereas the reality of this mind-set could not be more damaging to the freedoms of the common man/woman.

The only upside to this is that the Equalities Act makes most of this illegal so their ingrained need to hate someone – anyone –  comes down to picking on someone who cannot fight back

An example of how this works against the cis-WASP-male is the following

We cannot say: “All Black Men are rapists” echoing the KKK credo of the ‘30’s, not because it is untrue. We cannot say it because it is politically incorrect to say it. That is the first concern.

We cannot Say:

Jews can stop Usury

Asians can stop shitty driving

Chavs can stop car theft and fashion rape.

These all represent minorities that have a face. Instead we can say:

“Only Men can stop Rape” Thus vilifying half the population without lifting a finger or presenting a single shred of evidence. These memes for all their horrible inaccuracy eventually sink into the mind-set of the mob that is just looking forward to the next witch burning. It’s why propaganda works. It creates the victim and the oppressor in SJW methodology.

Herein the SJW becomes the archetypal BULLY. This Witch-Burning is only concerned with attacking the “Oppressor” and not actually dealing with the facts. This rather blinkered and parochial mentality is the stark opposite of what our Pagan community espouses in a global village. Manifest apparently in the Pagan Federation, certainly the wider pagan community and people generally believe that they have no other options and follow along blindly in the vain hope that things will change.

My experiences with these people prove that it cannot change in its current state.

Now I look back at my time with the Pagan Federation in the UK and ask not why did their Complaints Officer leave right after my formal complaint went in; (eventually someone think skinned enough will take the role), but realistically what’s the point of one if it’s a given that any dissention in the ranks has been proven to be shut down to begin with.

It means a complaints officer is nothing more than political window dressing. The Fed needs to listen to the wider community and not just the sycophants determined to maintain the status quo.

But it also means if you cross the party line – that being where such dragons of inequality exist – then the PF has now been proven to boot/eliminate/ignore anyone that rocks the boat – this is now an established precedent.  This is how they apparently operate to serve the victim.

It means the Fed is either incapable, or too frightened to address the actual issues.  Its outward presentation of being the forward thinking and revolutionary organisation it was is really just a cover for some pretty unsavoury ideas in what is thankfully a very loud and shouty minority.

They exist none the less.

All of this is well packaged across our entire culture and it pervades everything we do now. It’s all wrapped up in the language of the new PC – and reflects the modern SJW rhetoric – ‘non-binary’, ‘safe-space’, ”Women only” ‘BME Women’, ‘OUR liberation’, “No Whites Allowed” – but there are no two ways about this SJW ethos: this is deliberately divisive mechanism along the lines of race, of culture, of class, and of sex. It boggles the mind that this groupthink has been allowed to evolve, and it is even more astonishing that this is deemed acceptable. To actively discriminate for example against men and boys because of their gender, or to actively shut people out because their opinions based on facts are upsetting the entirely corrosive group-think of a minority is utterly abhorrent – but there you go. It clearly happens.

With regards to the destruction of the Esoteric community I have to ask if the PF EVER championed the Mystic as I think the PF has ceased to represent the mystic entirely and now serves only the religious, the dogmatic, and the pre-totalitarian “Liberal” instead – so in effect the organisation has evolved – but not perhaps in the direction it originally intended.  The current and apparent direction of the fed is altogether a lot more sinister.

Put simply –Its refusal along with other organisations around the planet to deal with hard questions in my humble opinion underlines the apparent dogmatic and cloistered approach to the community as a whole and appears on the surface to have ousted innovation, freedom of speech, and free thinking so typical of our free western world.  With regards to the PF even with the injection of new blood and some seriously professional bods with mad skillz – I feel there is a serious challenge ahead for the continuation of the fed in its current state simply because there is not the capability now to think outside of the box.

Whilst initial intentions of some are clearly admirable – and the well documented good and ongoing work of elements of the Pagan Federation cannot be denied – the pervading conviction of the Social Justice Advocate that shuts down any dissent by any means makes for an altogether sinister and unsavoury undertone, in an organisation whose further existence really needs to be and I wager will be challenged by the highest levels of government.

While we are stuck here on the ground – and the grass roots we have to ask – what is the solution to this mind set. I am not one to complain without looking for a solution as this is in essence just whinging. This is where it gets very very dark as the harsh reality of what’s going on only exposes itself when you step back and look at the pattern.

Social Justice advocacy is the tool d’jour of the oppressed.

We got this with the American Civil Rights movement.

Which was then subverted by 3rd Wave Feminism.

Gay Pride established a foot hold, and then a whole sleugh of fringe groups started to chime in as well. The disabled got their rights recognised and now the more recent  teen Transgendered. Amidst all of this is mirrored the ridiculous, the emo, the furrys, the otherkin, and all other associated groups that could in fact piggy back off anything above as a means to establish a voice through the eternal medium of the internet.  Herein lies the Eternal Sisters of Suffering of the pagan community.

But on a more serious note, like I said if you step back far enough you can see the pattern in what is essentially a global movement. We see the same things happening at the same time in utterly disconnected cultures. Is this Coincidence? I think not. This is a coordinated effort and does not pander to any conspiracy when you think about it. Government is a smoke screen – the new opiate of the masses where we are fooled into believing these guys have ANY power whatsoever. They are nothing more than puppets to an unchanging administration hell bent on globalisation as evidenced in the ever dwindling numbers of independent governments around the world.

But what’s actually going on and what the hell does it have to do with the occultist?

Revolution that’s what.

The Social Justice Advocacy of fighting for the rights of the oppressed, even the most privileged, and entitled class of people on the planet – the western woman, is nothing more than a repeat of the old Marxist/socialist rhetoric we have seen repeated time and time again. It exists as a tool of a larger global collective and is simply one cog of the same conglomerates’ body, with other cogs such as the “Right” presenting itself as the contentious and argumentative cousin that plays right into the hands of the “Old School traditionalist so seen as the luddite old fuddy duddy in opposition to the New Socialist and their revolution to burn away old those ideas – like the traditional marriage, the family unit, and so forth.  It means that the LIberal Elite can all kid themselves they are all revolutionaries fighting oppression (when there is none) in an absolute mess of political correctness that requires such care to navigate that there is no time, or room to envisage anything else.

This is the mind-set of the Christo-pagan-atheist. The Hip – Liberal. This is how the groupthink developed through the establishment of revolution in the disenfranchised by winding up the natives and then just letting the liberals piggy back on it to give their lives meaning.

But this is much more than distraction as it has captivated an entire culture. Oppression – everyone is oppressed apparently. We call this mechanism: Liberalism. As stated it is the group think that inspired this article. It is the coordinated mechanism of the establishment where the golden rule hold sway – he who has the gold makes the rules and there good reader we have a single glimpse of what we are dealing with.  Governments are nothing in the face of it. Again this is not conspiracy theory when all we need to do is follow the money and we begin to understand that liberalism is a technique of oligarchical control through monopoly and finance capital that sucks all parties into is mess. Its only when we look at the pattern of what’s going on globally – be it Fergusson, be it Baltimore, be it ISIS (with its limitless finances) be it gender aparthied through feminism, be it the one-way attacks on christians through cake-bake-gate, we begin to see the sheer enormity of it all and just how beautifully crafted it all is.

And we can say and do nothing for fear of censure. 1400 girls raped in Rotherham with only a piecemeal solution being entertained by anyone is a classic example of this.  The Pagan Liberal is a product of the same societal engineering. This is perfectly exampled with the oppressed masses demonstrating outside Number 10 Downing Street against austerity and really that the Tories got in with a majority on May 7th 2015. These people are protesting against democracy because they are so disconnected from the real world that the hard reality that people have a differing opinion to them – AND – that those people are the majority is more then they can bare. The end game is the same in that the natives are revolting, each and every single individual one of them because they all have a voice and they all think they have something worthwhile to say because they’re oppressed. The reality is they are so mixed up that they are using their democratic right to protest their democratic right to protest . . . . (yes you did just read that).

Now step back  – a Loooooooong way back and look at the pattern. See the bigger picture.

This ties directly into destabilising entire countries as was the case with the Arab Spring (all at the same time you’ll remember- now wasn’t that convenient) and the almost immediate appearance of ISIS) so cultures and sub cultures are also destabilised and placed in a state of constant conflict.

This is why the likes of Heathenry for example have emerged with good intentions then been utterly overrun by the liberal dictating through fear, thuggery, and threat of social ostracism, what are the acceptable boundaries of discussion. This is killing the tradition before it got off the ground.  Enter the pagan atheist who thwarts all innovation by knackering it with crippling Political correctness .

The term: Liberal, has gone the way of the term: Feminist, and turned to be something altogether sinister.  This new Marxism mirrors the regime of Pol Pot in its determination to utterly remove anything that opposes it and by any means.  Here we have the shutdown. All the “Right” does is provide the thrust block for the righteous and revolutionary mind-set of the SJW now recruited and radicalised at every single level of our world.

This holistic subversion means the breaking down of the old world ideas, the washing away of those ideas and replacing them with the new world order. It means assimilation. It’s taken decades and has clearly been the motivation of a camp that has been in this game for a very long time.  We simply cannot continue to cleave to the short sighted notion that a few rich bastards are in it to make a few fast bucks. These people are in it for the long term with the full knowledge they will likely never see the outcome beyond only some of the fruits of their labour.

It also means for the Occultist that their craft and path is directly under threat because this depth of freedom of thought espoused in the mystery traditions, goes so much against the orthodoxy of this New Order that again the Witch hunt will be born and I wager a new Inquisition not based on religious zeal, sexual repression and ingrained fear, but instead a professional, cold and calculated focus will emerge.

This revolution has been bought to you by the little man in the white coat. He has glasses on, and a clip board. He has made up statistics and government approved facts.  Therefore he is correct.

And the people believe it.

But he’s not right – but since when did a SJW give a shit about what is right.   There’s the rub.

In conclusion the esoteric community is becoming more and more pressed with regards to the freedom of speech and thoughts of its members,  as exemplified by the apparent  activities of the Pagan Federation taken as example and batch test of the collective and nebulous community we call Pagan along with our wider culture collectively. The mystical elements of the wider occult community however who have always cleaved to the BE Silent principal will likely continue to do so and their work will slowly filter through to the wider population as it always has done.  Social Justice Advocacy should be cause for alarm in the esoteric community generally as it stifles any intelligent let alone rational discussion, the examination of ideas, and more importantly the development and transmutation of old and outmoded ideas in a constructive manner. It is an affront to intellectual credibility.  The established process of Alchemy would become open to discussion and feelz rather than the real results of this magickal process. Thus undermining any veracity in established process through the disinformation of the new-speak of the wider Esoteric community.

The upside of this is that ultimately it will force the mystical elements of the occult community entirely underground. The down side is that it will likely as a result only be the realm of the highly educated and financially privileged.

Perhaps this is as it should be.

Oh – and the solution is one that the universe will visit upon you whether you like it or not. If you are on the path – regardless of the political regime in play, then the universe will divorce you from the herd, forcibly if needed, or you’ll wise up and do it for yourself. Either way the only solution to the above problem is to not engage. At worst firmly remind the precious little snowflake that validates its existence off your misery to fuck off.

“I am certain that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social Justice” – F.A. Hayek

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  1. husdent19 says:

    Excellent synthesis. In France we can see(for those willing to distance themselves from the “emotional dictatorship” that our “Socialist” government imposed as the only “opinion ” acceptable…presenting this oppresion as the only way to defend “free speech”…) the results of this SJW that was “cooking ” for years through the encouragement of “communautarismes”, an oxymoron attitude concerning our dead and beloved “laicité”, population abandon, poperization etc. Like you said , very well crafted as the terrorists’attacks gave the perfect “go ” to the last straw of the complete liberalization of our system, willing surveillance of every moves of citizens, destruction of our education system and now rewriting our history as the current take of our prime minister is (concerning the way the government ordered to teach history to kids-new program making teachings about Islam obligatory and our christian heritage as well as the “Lumières” school of thought optional…), and I quote : “Our ancestors are NOT gaulish anymore, we will now teach the TRUE history !”…In three years of presence our SJW’s government has only fulfilled one of the many promises that they made campaigning and that’s the so called “Mariage for all ” installing officially the gay lobby in French oligarchy…that was just the begining of the consolidation of the “New French Order” which is now one step away of its mutation into one of the pieces of the “mini America” that seems to be UE’s ultimate goal. But yep, I agree, no conspiracy here, everything is under people’s eyes for years, it is “the people” who chose to kill democracy through democracy’s tools, so whining seems incredibly ridiculous now… anyway sorry for the digression about French agony. What’s interesting is that the current situation might finally grant a chance the PFI to implant in this noisy circus of communuties’whining, especially if it gives a chance to put more emphasis on Muslim’s revendication (I guess I don’t have to draw you a picture of the process ) and offers FEMEN a new window for their blind campaign of destruction (who has seemingly “carte blanche ” as their actions -consisting of assaults in church, if children, interruption of legal assemblies etc- are all, in regard of french laws matching the charateristics of an illegal action group but still are left free to do as they will and are often congratulated by members of the government…). Not even 15 years ago, wicca was considered as a cult like organization and the few initiates (from real or fake lineage ) observed the first law -silence – strictly, before the epidemy of american fucked up misinterpretation of wicca hit our teenagers and that the French long history of occult culture was left out through willing amnesia… even OKRC are now commanded from Las Vegas… a lot of digression again. Anyway, I tried confuselly to support your effort in pointing out the reality of those so called “burning times’victims” who succeded, I’m afraid in their dictatorship of intolerant and sexist mediocrity. Good read anyway, thanks again for the good words. (Sorry for the approximate English, I’m-still-a gaulish descendant .)

    • aleqgrai says:

      Thank you for your excellent input and your comments are all the more poignant as it illustrates the globalised movement that is the basis of my ire. Its a bloody cancer and I am at a loss as to how to address it. Thanks again.

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