Feminist Narcissism: The Death of Equality for the modern woman.

And here it is.

Once upon a time it was OK to hate, label and use the names: niggers, spiks, kikes, wops, dagos, greasers, zipperheads, porchmonkeys. wet backs and anyone else that wasnt White, Anglo Saxon protestant.

This was affirmed by activists like Margaret Sanger – who founded the birth control mpovement in the United States as a means to curb the population growth among blacks.

This was a time when the membership of the Klan exceeded 30 million members. Think on that for a second. The “All Blacks are Rapists” rhetoric hasn’t really changed that much.

Then the war and all manner of other changes in civilian life made it impossible for the sensible educated upwardly mobile white woman to hate racial minorities. So it was communists.

Then Cultural Marxism became fasahionable. Being socialist was Hip. The idea you could sit on your arse while other people did all the work kinda worked for people and the Ayn Rand school of thought came to the fore.

So it was gays who were next on the list of people that White women could hate. But it was clear soon that the pink pound/dollar held a LOT of political sway.

The changes to the law left the disabled as being the few remaining bastions where white educated middle classed bitches could hate someone and get away with it.

Now we have equality and the same sick, twisted, deviant need to hate has only ONE outlet. The western, white, straight male.

Or does it?

The biggest giggle here – as that ALL of the aforesaid targets of the white females’ hatred are STILL that victim. The sense of entitlement in their mindset defies belief and this is manifest in their continued subjugation of all around them so that the very universe revolves to their whim.

It cannot be denied the core of the feminist mindset is the well off, middle classed female. This ladder climbing clique is a sight to behold.

The greatest Irony is that they call themselves empowered. They call themselves feminist.

Yet they dont give a fuck about anyone but themselves. All they want is the top job and fuck anyone else that gets in the way – and that means – you guessed it – any minority, disabled, or sexuality that isnt them also goes right under the bus.

Thats right ladies – if you dont match their agenda, if you’re not on the A-Team – then fuck you. You are there to serve them too. You are their nannies, their toilet cleaners, their maids, and their child care assistants. You are there to serve them.  This is feminism. The power-Fem doesnt give a fuck about you.

The likes of the mens rights movement is on to them. They understand and realise these people are not worth the risk of getting involved with. The greatest lie is that these women will have you believe they are something to aspire to.

But you dont fit in their world beyond getting their maple nutt crunch latte’, or cleaning up their dogs’ shit.

Even politicians try and hoodwink us that there is any possible path to success.

It matters because what we ARE presented is for example: Labour pundits that espouse equality – Like Harriet Harman – the poster girl for the labour party – the same party that supports the abuse of girls in Rotherham, the same party that pulled us into a war in Iraq – the same Harman that supported the paedophile information exchange  – THIS – is the modern feminist – this is the sense of privilage and elitism that we now have in every walk of modern life.

Ask yourself.

Why would any man bother with the grief this mentality brings. Why would he bring it into his life and risk all his resources to try and build with this sort of woman.

Why would any modern women regardless of race, creed, or sexuality make the mistake of thinking that they are part of that clique. Lets face it love – unless you have that cis-white privilage – you aint shit.

Heres the irony. This master clique of feminism does it under the assumption that ALL women are oppressed and the white master is the oppressor. It’s a distraction technique that allows their hatred to go unchecked. So its not just the legally acceptable, politically correct hatred they enact on a daily basis – the hetero sexual white male – that is the “sanctioned hatred”, the nice hatred, the All Blacks-err-err-Whites–err white-males are rapists hatred thats ok.

They will use that cover to pretend they are fighting for your rights too. But in reality – because you have been divorced from your birth right of hearth and home, of being the centre of the family and the very foundation on which our community functions – you are now less than a worker drone whose sole function is to produce more production units to fill Her Majesty’s coffers with tax revenue, and all the while keep on cleaning those toilets because hey – if I’m good, god will take me to heaven err the boardroom. See, nothing changes. Its the same lies just told in a different manner.

But it gets worse. Soon you’ll be conscripted too and you can bet that unless you are in University you will have no opt out.

Now I know you’ll counter with: Not all Feminists are like that. Yawn. You wear the same banner honey, you add wieght and ballast to  the same movement  of hatred, gender aparthied, inequality and sanctioned violence. It puts you under the same heading as: “I was just following orders” – so dont kid yourself.

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