Muslim vs. Muslim

Islamic State just burned a pilot to death – it took 20 minutes for this man to die. People that watched it applauded and hooted in joy as it happened. Nothing like a good old fashion witch . . .errr . . .pilot burning.

What we are not told is how Boko Harum did this to over two hundred people in Africa. What we are no told is how IS have been dpoing this as a matter of course for some time now. It is a standard execution method  but like accepting that Nelsen Mandela slaughter any of his dissenters by putting a rubber tyre around their neck and covering them with petrol before burning them alive – the cultural Marxists that cannot tie its own shoe laces without permission or aid, let alone think outside of its own head would not be able to cope with these concepts, these facts and the harsh reality that people cant half be some evil fuckers given the opportunity.

Part of the human condition I think is embracing all that we are and not shying away from the entirety of what we are.

We humans can be pretty brutal, and wholly nasty. We can make lamp shades from the flayed skin of our enemies.

It is truly amazing what we can achieve in the nastiness stakes when an invisible and imaginary friend tells what to do and we can just ask that imaginary friend for forgiveness after the fact and all is well. We can do even more damage when someone in a white coat tells us that their imaginary friend said you can do it.

This is policy. It is the institutionalised brutality founded upon the dying god myth.

For example – I’m thinking right now there are a lot of dyed in the wool labour supporters that overlooked the illegal war we were dragged into resulting in the genocide of 300 thousand Iraqis. But that was distant and therefore not their problem.

Then we had a labour run council in Rotherham that is directly responsible for the cover up of the rape and continued abuse of 1500 women and girls . . . .yet people continue to vote labour because anything else goes against their world view and thus they will allow this shit to happen.

The Police are corrupt and complicit. The very council itself is rotten to the core. But this is policy. Policy goes before the rights of people.

I used this example to show that we westerners are not immune to mans inhumanity to man and the institutionalised brutality akin to Thomas de Torquemada – all the while because someone else said it was OK.

IS supporters applauded the burning because of the children that died killed by Jordanian bombers. They felt eternally justified in seeing a man take 20 minutes to die.

What does it mean for us? . . . it means as civilians we will likely have to harden our heart as this conflict draws more divisions, and more and more of us get involved one way or another where we will likely engage in activity that is considered abhorrent now.

Lets not forget people – we are not being told what the Pakistanis are doing to the aberrant population that backed the slaughter of school children. We are likely never to see the depth of retaliation on the part of the Jordanians – and there will be revenge, and it will be swift and bloody.

What we will be told as we are every day is that the people responsible for children being killed and pilots being burned – are not people at all – so that makes it OK to dispose of them. The sun reader generation will applaud this. . . . .”cos I likes a good hangin I does!”

So it begs the question regards our humanity – and in particular what would happen to a Motivated, Rabid, British population with the stops all taken off and the enemy d’jour is declared open season much like Crystal Night.

So as for leaders declaring – not in my name – they will instead rejoice – and capitalise on the emerging culture of social engineering that has bought us here: We might have stopped Mr Hitler, or Mr Amin, or Uncle Ho, or Chairman Mao, Stalin, and all the rest but “Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again.”

This is the human condition . . .it is what we are. Ever remember this.

So now the war on several fronts – Nigeria, Pakistan, Jordan and Muslim is killing Muslim. This is beginning to pick up a momentum now. Every single da there is a new incident somewhere in the world.

2 Responses to Muslim vs. Muslim

  1. Suzanne says:

    We should push for reporting that removes race, colour and creed etc and move to reporting the bare facts such as ‘Jordanian pilot murdered by serial killers’ By constantly reporting the way we do (news peeps) we allow the perpetrators with some sort of valid excuse. Bare facts is what we need. Change of language to say murdered instead of killed would be good.

  2. aleqgrai says:

    Perhaps – but the reason isn’t a serial killer, or a death cult for that matter – it is a repeat of what we used to do – Burn the heretic. The facts ARE down to credo.

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