Heathenry Part errr whatever


If I may I will use this frame to take a closer look at the religion: Heathenry. I dare say I am certainly not the first to do it, and I certainly will not be the last. Oh my god this is going to be boring you say – yet another chappie having a crack at Heathenry.

“You racist, bigot”, they’ll say. So what is new that Aleq is bringing to the table then:

Firstly a critique of a religion does not make anyone a bigot. I am very interested in the depth of Heathenry as I seek to see the parallels in all faiths to better understand the Greatbigwhateveritis. I’m also convinced that Heathenry is going to make a serious showing this century and learning to live with it, potentially under it, is essential.

But commenting on what I see as anathema to my own cosmology, culture, freedom, democracy as a whole and general well-being is not bigotry. As always I am open to have my own ideas challenged – and that boys and girls is the where bigotry ends: This is not a CYA clause as my better half calls it. I want to be challenged; I want to be argued with. I want to be wrong – oh please let me be wrong because if I’m not then what follows is really quite disturbing.London Heathenry

For the Heathen™  or self appointed sister of suffering that feeeelz for her pagan brethren, that reads this and shouts: RACIST!!! . . .sorry peeps – you might be part of an emerging subculture but it does not make you a race, it doesn’t make you even a culture. You are a subculture of a crack pot nebulous melange of modern reconstructionism and myth.

So calling racism or bigotry when someone comments on heathenry is like the same as calling racism when I talk about democracy. The only reason people do it is they have been conditioned to believe that Godwins law trumps all arguments.

Grow the fuck up! – what are you – five years old?

This is what people scream when they have absolutely NO come back to the stark staring reality baring its arse in their face. Get over yourselves.


I have sat back and observed Heathenry for a few years now.

I must admit that when I first experienced this path I was spoilt as I met two wonderful people, one of whom taught me the runes and I have put them to good use traversing the universe ever since. These were people that challenged my ideas, and the very cosmology I had all worked out in my head. I love that shit. I learned so much from them.

But as an objective outsider I have noticed a change in the current. Its taken over a decade to emerge but it is none the less there.  It is an insidious cancer that has infected now all but the fringes who keep very much to themselves from the now fashionable pagan path called Heathenry. There are however some similarities in the upcoming potential downfall and replacement of heathenry by some all new and improved pagan subculture for the pagan hipster desperately seeking anything that makes them wivit-man, and too cool for school.

There are also concepts espoused by the community but not actually put into action. They SAY these things are manifest yet there is no evidence for it leaving the outsider interested in Heathenry left perplexed by the volume of bullshit.

To these people I can only hope the see the forest for the trees, the truth in the details. Maybe they’ll go their own way if they do not fall by the wayside, cynical and angry at the experience of dealing with:

The Heathen™

Much like the Life of Brian, I will now examine the faith via the concepts espoused by the faith. I will examine what it does to people and the end result that in my opinion has created just another means for snake oil selling merchants and authors can sell more of their shit to. Let’s look at those concepts, and lets understand that Je Suis Charlie :

That means if you want to have a fatwa out against me for this blog – then you are a very silly, very stupid, and very sad person. Your mother probably dresses you funny and you were very likely violently potty trained as a child. You too are still likely suffering from having no toys as a child.

This is the observations of a witch who makes it his business to understand how people tick. It’s kind of a witch thing. People will say – <WAAAAAAAH ALL MY FRIENDS ARE HEATHEN AND THEY’RE NICE WAAAAH AND YOU’RE EVIL AND MEAN AND WICKED> and its likely said red heads et al have never fucking met me so their opinions are based on fantasy and more than likely the deranged ramblings of the drug enduced. Oh hum.

And I’ll probably fart and scratch myself in response. You see being offended by this post is akin to a goose farting in the fog. It means nothing. Being offended does not proffer you special rights. Furthermore the idea that anything is sacrosanct and above comment and critique – when such things are fundamental to our culture – is fucking racist.viking offender

So shut up. Really. Close your mouth.

First and foremost:

People talk about this chivalric vibe in heathenry – this warrior code. Oh Really. Chivalry is for warriors – no seriously it’s just for warriors – it’s not for the mangina or feminist excuse-mill. This is how it is. It is the fundamental hard wired and honourable state of mind that unfortunately gets men killed when they act honourably and are dealing with people that do not act honourably. It is the end of many that try and treat an unhealthy situation with a healthy attitude. If you cannot act honourably to yourself, to your family, to your community, and to your country – then you cannot state you are chivalrous, but at the same time the state of being is not dead. It exists but it goes hand in hand with such words as:  lady like. It is a state of being that honours others and protects the needy. It is a mind-set that does what is right regardless of the cost.  I’ll come back to these concepts later.

Then we have the concept of the gentleman. Many forget that a “Gentleman” a man does not make. What it does do is create a housebroken individual that won’t wipe his dick on the curtains. It allows and conditions him to function in society without tearing the head off a beta male that hasn’t the courage or state of mind and honour to defend his own dignity. It is what is commonly referred to as – conformity- becoming a sheeple. Accepting the party line that someone somewhere will decide for you what is acceptable discourse then allow robust debate within the boundaries of that allowable realm – creating the illusion of “Freedom of Speech” which of course it is anything but.

This results in one thing only – censorship – and the resulting terror for people to speak their mind.  Creating the gentleman in like manner cuts the balls off the core of Heathenry when instead there is a great deal of humanity yet to be opened up and experienced by the very safe, very insular, and very civilised London Liberal Elite. It’s the same sort of thing you experience when you start working with spirits – the really nasty ones I mean.  The Gentleman is a gelding. The sensitive new age guy is anathema to heathenry, and to common sense for that matter. There is a good reason why if you put a gelding in with a stallion – it will kick said gelding to death.

This is the law of the strong, and is the reason we do not talk about fight club. Housebreaking your menfolk is a mistake. There is a reason why girls like the bad boys.

Why is it so hard for heathens to Keep your word. I have lost count of the number of times I have made a deal with a pagan, and they have in typical fashion – as iterated by the Prophet Muhummad no less – that those bastard pagans will reneg on a deal every – single- fucking – time. That even a middle Eastern Warlord was wise to this, speak volumes. A modern pagan and by associations, Heathens word tends to be worthless as there is no compunction, let alone consequence to them keeping their word. It sis a reflection of society to be sure, yet for some inexplicable reason, heathens do not seek to remedy this issue.

It’s not difficult to keep your word. Seriously it’s not difficult. All you have to do is not lie. But there is a reason why there are so many lawyers about these days and it’s because no-one keeps their word and lives in a world of perpetual falsehood. How pray tell me anyone can anyone approach the gods with any honour when they just keep fucking lying about everything in their lives. The basis of any of the mystery traditions is: Know Thyself. This singular facet that is common to all esoteric traditions including the mystical aspects of heathenry is honesty. It is a fundamental facet of honour, and goes to your very dignity before the gods. How can you possibly expect to stand before any site guardian, or work with any spirit. Remember these are pan dimensional beings that sit outside our space/time and they know when you are lying every single time. Be Fucking Honest – be brutally honest, never lie and you will have a very simple life with very few people who live by falsehood in it.

Here we are in the western world where falsehood and lies, where reality by consensus will try and argue gravity by vote, where we are in a society now into its third generation of the family unit being smashed by cultural Marxism, and creating the third generation of single mothers, when dads can’t teach their kids any concept of honour/honesty and where a rigged family courts system is an example of a society that teaches people to lie lie lie.

And you wonder what the issues are – when the village is no longer bringing up kids. Shame on you. The deliberate isolationism that marginalises everyone creates division, no standards and is the very reason WHY heathenry became popular – because people wanted honesty.

So what the fuck happened to you guys?

Pull your weight – do your share – do your best. This means no half measures. It means planning, it means looking at the insurmountable problem and breaking it into bite sized chunks and it means doing it. The Free-Perfect-Now Y-Generation that has grown fat on peace and plenty let alone a labourite “The State is mother, the State is father”  – it means not fucking whining and it means getting off your arse and doing your bit. Here’s the thing, even the most uneducated, flat broke individual can conquer with the right attitude. Expecting anything to land on a plate in front of you is infantile. If you want it – then work  for it. Why the fuck are so many Heathens Benefits claimants? Benefits claimants do not oddly enough change the world. They have no political power and their voice amounts to nothing. They are considered both by our modern society and by that idealised historical one as social parasites. Take a lesson.

At the end of the day be RIGHT  – not correct. Think about that for a minute. These two terms are NOT the same. Heathenry has become to the objective outsider, about books, about dogma, about who can out quote the other and it has lost its way. It’s actually about people isn’t it? It represents to the layman a political, economic, and religious ideology that saw an entire culture succeed where others failed. You cannot subtract what you don’t like, nor can you write off vast swathes of history through the idea that its politically incorrect. It happened for a reason. To deny this is cowardice.

The word Coward is a fucking insult – no really – it is the single most insulting thing someone can say to you. There was a time not long ago that if you used this word you would have to back it up with your life. Today we see the metrosexual man, the sensitive new age guy – the lap dog product of fear and feminism try to be a man, but instead relies solely on the fact that it is now illegal to kill the craven and deviant bastard. Oh the number of times I have had to redirect the energies of an actual real and decent heathen when they went on the war path after some pretty boy Warlock the movie wannabe, just to keep him out of jail.

Conduct yourself with honour. This is the core facet. This singular lynch pin is what holds it all together. I know very few pagans generally that conduct themselves with honour.  The upside is that there are fringe elements in Heathenry that are honourable. But they do not make up the majority because by definition the majority are a bunch of posing hipsters all trying to out clever each other rather than just living a good life. Honour. It means being honourable. Honesty – Honour . . .its not coincidence they sound the same.

Infighting, and Bitchcraft has been the cornerstone of Heathenry for decades now. All trying to out pose each other with some non-existent moral superiority.  I suggest you don’t start trouble but dont turn the other cheek either. I suggest at this point that people learn to harden their hearts when it comes to the Darwin awards of this world. It is not your task to exist on Mother earth and teach the stupid. There is no cure for stupid. None. Nature does that for you. Don’t go looking for trouble, like that sparrow that lands not where the tiger roams. To boot – also don’t turn the other cheek because this singular thing will get you destroyed. Mercy has its place in helping those that need it – but forgiveness is not in my creed, nor is it useful unless you have you boot on his neck.

Seriously people unless you have the resolve to see it through, don’t complain if you get a slap. If you are going to start shit, witch wars, defamation, or any of that typical pagan bullshit, accept that sooner or later someone is going to hurt you badly. Particularly the ones you’ve told lies about.

So bottom line – honour dictates that you don’t start anything you can’t finish – that includes a fight. Honour dictates you don’t look for trouble but you deal with it. Honour also dictates that you don’t ignore trouble if you can do something constructive and honourable about it.

Pagans are why evil succeeds. They do fuck all but fan the flames. Now apart from the fringe elements of Heathenry that still ascribe to honour – what about the rest of you?


Your honour and dignity is all you have – defend it. Why aren’t you defending it? It’s just you inside your head at the end of the day. Everything else is transitory and you’ll probably bequeath it to some ungrateful fucking nephew anyway. So ultimately be prepared to defend your honour – to the right people.

As far as pagans go – particularly the fashionable hipster types that have now infested heathenry as the new black always remember they are a sub culture OF a subculture that has no political power, is considered at best by the popular media as crack pots and crusties, and represents a percentage of the population smaller than that of Jedi – who are actually taken more seriously.

It means the Lion doesn’t lose sleep over the bleating of sheep – but its fun to lawyer up when they fuck up – and they ALWAYS do. Be patient and keep your powder dry. Ultimately it means you stand toe to toe with the bastards every single time and for the most part they will realise you are not a coward and will likely make them really hurt.

So that means get on your feet when trouble comes. It’s the same as evil in any form. It wants you to look the other way but honour dictates you get stuck in. Modern Heathenry in its denial of its roots let alone the core facet of its ideology by the new London Liberal Elite – The Hipster Pagan™ is has lost its way so let’s all manner of shit come to pass simply because it lacks the depth of character to deal with it. Ever wonder why people disappear off to the fringes of heathenry and never come back – because they are sick to the back teeth of you self-elected Marxist scum bags who think you can form a congregation  of compliant saps all eager to do your bidding and drink your KoolAid. You want people that will stand for nothing – so they will fall for anything. Facing trouble means having the guts and character to see it through. Heathenry is young in is new and improved reconstructionist state, but it is beset by such a hive of scum and villainy it is likely to fall by the wayside just as Wicca did.  So it means if you want the ideals to survive- you have to work at it and . . .

Never EVER Quit. To the objective outsider people have lost sight in Heathenry of the bigger picture. Where every single other alternative path failed – so is heathenry. To this I ask – what is the point of you – why do you exist. If there is some promised land, or perfect state then HOW the fuck are you going to get there with all your infighting – the very same infighting heathenry formed to dispel.   Funny how nothing changes and some young pup forgets that some of us have been around long enough to see the very beginnings of you.

Assist those who need it – do not coddle the lazy. A fundamental community based society honouring factor that heathenry is ignoring. You are allowing all opinions yet expecting NO ONE to argue their position with anything more than a few quotes, and very little else.

Again honour. Each generation should be better than the last. But your fundamental culture is that the state is Mother, the state is father, and your ranks are beset with benefits scrounging arsehats with no prospects, no ambition, no focus, no future, and you allow them an opinion when they don’t actually have anything to contribute.  No all opinions are not valid. An opinion is only valid if you can back it up with the facts, and with action.

Political Correctness and the stigma of racism is killing you. Speak your heart even if it hurts – remember political correctness is lying by another name. This alone is the death knell for heathenry. Political correctness in the guise of combatting the endemic racism in your ranks is the end of you. Your cowardice expressed through censorship, bullying, tearing out the tongue of the dissenters, and banishing anything that threatens your world view is the single most poignant issue that will end you.

Only by being the lighthouse, where words match action in a world that doesn’t give two hoots about any of you will you conquer. People will see that thought matches deed and NO ONE will be afraid to speak up given that the cultural Marxist bullies in your ranks will be forced to account for their setting the boundaries of acceptable discourse. Put simply it means a free market when it comes to speech and simply telling anyone that tries to shut this down to FUCK OFF – and then when they get there – to fuck off from there too.

Heathenry has created the perfect sanctuary for the pre-totalitarian liberal – the sort of social parasite that thinks it is open minded whereas is in  reality is nothing more than a manipulative scum bag hell bent on seeing their agenda at the forefront and woe betide anyone who contests it as this must surely be heresy.  These are the types of shits that will “allow” cultural discussion” on a reconstructionist ideology like heathenry but the moment we get into actual reality, and practical application they will revert to the mantra of the victim, screaming: Sexism/racism/fascism/<insert what ever “ism” will stall the debate thus giving the victim the illusion they have won the debate.

Speak your mind. Those that hang around will be the sort of thing that friends are made of.

Tell me I am wrong, but the Wiccan Kiss is alive and well in Heathenry. Never sacrifice another to save yourself. This should be a no brainer. But guess what men and boys are not taught how to be men any more by other men. They are taught by the media, they are taught by politicians, they are taught by a society that has a price for everything but values nothing. Put simply people don’t give a shit about other people. Beyond the cult of personality that pervades EVERY single pagan subculture – I have yet to see an example of Heathenry leading the way in self-sacrifice.  Instead I see politically correct sycophants, banding together for that most pagan of things – reality by consensus.

Own your mistakes – and accept the retribution that comes with it. Having the courage to pay for what you take is pretty basis in its logic.  So some people have the maturity to accept they fucked up. How many people do you know that can put their hand up and say – Ooops my bad – I’ll fix it. It’s a pretty simple concept. If you fuck up – you say sorry – you MEAN IT, then you put it right – you atone, and only then does that forgiveness thing come.

In contrast I have actually watched time and again people get torn apart for doing the right thing then turn their back on the pagan community forever.  Hell pagans do this for laughs. Destroy a persons life and then get huffy when that person stands up to them and calls them out. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have seen this happen.

The Hipster infestation of heathenry believes it is accountable to no-one. It believes it doesn’t have to answer for its actions and can say and do as it pleases with impunity.

Until you police your own and instil a sense of accountability in your people you will remain a joke.

It means paying for what you take. It means fixing your fuck ups. It does not mean just saying sorry because you know what: Sorry doesn’t fix it. Here’s an example of how your hispters majority thinks.

Pick up a plate

Now throw it at the floor really hard.

Now pretend to feel bad about it and apologise to the plate.

Question – did this fix the plate . . . .now do you begin to understand?

The modern hipster pagan mindset thinks all it needs to do is say sorry and we’re all best buds again. It fails to have the maturity (as you are very young as a religion) to actually sort the fucking problem it created.

Own your mistakes. Help and support each other if you’ve made mistakes and STOP falling on each other like fucking wolves when one of you does fuck up. You’re supposed to be a community – act like it. Your path is by its nature and reflection in the collective unconscious RACIST. Shooting dissenters, and commentary on this is self defeating. Be the lighthouse if this is NOT who you are.  Lets not forget people – national socialism excelled at censorship and shooting dissenters.

And you’re doing it.

Don’t make unwarranted excuses or attempt to hide behind them. Covering your arse is cowardice

People are key.  You have a large village. Reciprocity is essential. Be loyal – and trust will follow. These go hand in hand and will never come without honour. You cannot have Loyalty without trust and vice versa. That said – never test the limits of a friends loyalty – they will become indifferent and leave your community as SO MANY PEOPLE ARE.  These are the fringe community. These are the guys that will shit through your letter box at best.

Accept responsibility and accountability for what is around you. The thing to remember here is that Heathenry exists in a world as a subculture already infested with people that have grown up on a feast of victimhood and blame. The fundamentals of socialism. The opposite is that it is actually true that it takes a village to raise a child. That child is heathenry still struggling out of the throes of its teenage angst, and only with honour and a quiet humility that comes with a sense of responsibility will you save the day. Otherwise you are nothing more than just another fucking fad filled with sad dejected middle classed and bored people looking for something for shits and giggles.

Do what you have to do – not what you want to do. Want is a common notion these days that we all hear – its all want want want and a sense of entitlement that defies belief. It means that people get without earning. They expect something for nothing only because they are engineered that way. Weapons of Massive Consumption. Want overlooks what has to be done. It means culling the weak at the end of the year. It means putting away childish things. It means acting like a fucking adult and not engaging in the infidelities of others. Something Heathens along with ALL pagans are woefully inept at.

Guess what  . . .you who are all upset and bent out of shape from that opinion – you’re not a fucking super human, you’re just a human being, just as fallible as any other. You lie. You cheat, you steal because society made you that way. You think its ok because everyone else is doing it. Well suck it up butter cup – reality check. It also makes you a loath some creature in the eyes of the Old Ones. Courage and honour means doing what you have to do, no matter the cost.

Want is desire and desire will fuck you.

Be willing to accept loss – accept that shit will happen.  This is a fundamental of the mindset that conquered Europe andoffended heathen sent ships half way around the planet. Heathenry is still young and has so much to offer if only you have the courage to clear your ranks of the atheist, the Marxist, the hipster, and the scrounger.

Please return to the awesomeness and core values that spawned you. Chill the fuck out.

Because right now you are in danger of becoming the same joke that Celtic, Picti, Romani, and Klingon Wicca became.

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