The Whiny little Bitch

How do you know if someone is Vegan . . . .

Dont worry they’ll fucking well tell you again and again and again.whiny

The emergance of the whiny little bitch as a life form goes hand in hand with the with a number of things in our society. It does not know any specific population, or any specific group. It pervades all parts of our society.

1) Half a century of peace and plenty has bred complacency and cowards. Nothing is hard to get now – and the motivation to get it is undermined by a number of factors.

2) The emergance of the litigation culture. People LOOK for ways to be offended as a means to sue the crap out of you.

3) The cult of the amateur. With no effective role models in society now, the individual is left to sort it out for themselves and with no presumed boundaries the individual is left confused with no frame of referance. Their manufactured reality is all they have and to question it is a direct threat. They define themselves with fantasy – I like Harry Potter therefore I am Harry Potter. To question this is heresy most foul.

4) The cult of the individual has bred a new species that is connected to nothing, can put a price on anything but values nothing. It is a solitary beast and exists entirely on the defensive. Each one cut from the herd – yet ultimately a slave to it without knowing. Its boundaries of thought, let alone speech are clearly defined so it cant even think outside of the box without thoughts of self loathing for the temerity of thinking for themselves. In this is attacks anything that does think for itself, or expresses an opinion that hasnt already been approved.

5) The acceptance of political correctness  as a valid means of social control. All it is – is bullying within the realms of clearly defined boundaries of discussion and social interaction. This is a distraction as it presents itself as democracy and other illusions meant to keep the common man under the boot.  In this clearly defined arena we are therefore allowed to argue, to fight, and to have robust debate within the ringfence . . .thus believing we are free to have an opinion, whereas those opinions fit only into VERY narrow and well managed boundaries.  Political correctness allows only in thought and deed what is specifically allowed. Anything else  is anathema to the body politic.  By saying “STFU you whiny little bitch” you are breaking all those rules – and where as it screams from your very being to say it – because thats reality – political correctness manufactures that additional reality – that filter around you.

Put simply – all the things that made us the dominant species on the planet are being frittered away for the sake of political correctness, inclusion, and the celebration of mediocrity.whiney2

There is no community. There is national pride. There is no sense of achievement. There is no striving for excellance There is no hardship, or ordeal, or pain. There are no heroes. There are no role models.

There is just conformity and a dying human spirit screaming into that faithless depth and Hades wrapped in gloom – that same void that wont listen.

This is what you get with the removal of competative sport. This is what you get with the removal of challenge, of ordeal and the striving for excellance.

This is what you get when a kid gets a medal for fourth place.

The real suck of it is that only a generation of the bloodiest war will excise such a cancerous mind set from society.

As a Witch I am already branded a terrorist by history. A free thinker.  At least I like to kid myself I am a free thinker. I exist within the hive. I live in a symbiotic relationship with the hive. I contribute to it – it contributes to me and as such it leaves me alone.  I have learned that to be phenominally successful – all I have to do is stay a single step ahead of the other guy. Any more and the hive sees this and screams – CUT HIM DOWN – he’s different. I could stand and fight but through relentless conflict and the back biting of the complacent coward, the dishonourable conduct of the whiney little bitch I will be eventually worn down.

Conquered through force of numbers and essentially a wasted effort. It is not enough to avoid becoming a whiney little bitch . . . .you have to avoid them altogether. Their constant complaining is a state of mind that is catching. They are a fundemental part of out society now. They are ignored by government as just another issue – to ignore. To be sure if you ignore them long enough they become like white noise.

If you are going to speak – speak from your heart and know that you will always have a whiney little bitch feel they can tell you are wrong becuase they are offended. Not wrong because your facts arent straight – or wrong because they can present a better arguement – just wrong because they are offended.

Just ignore it – and keep being excellent.

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