The Great American Wiccan Fuck Fantasy – aka – The Pagan Lynch Mob – Part 1

The item was edited with more material after a ponder over night : 19/2/13:15:15 toon
I also added the link regards those morons at casting spells on Fox – I mean fufuksake – these people have NO clue about magickal theory.

I had the pleasure of watching a video that had been posted on Facebook this morning. The sort of petulant pagan(tm) mythology you get when a trip to the dentist for a long slow root canal just isn’t enough. This eternal whining is truly something to behold. So a couple of people on Fox made some comments about Pagans. Granted these guys are a bit off centre with their understanding.

They even allowed themselves to go down the road of embracing the cliché’. Now given the party political lines drawn in the colonies – its no wonder that all sides are looking for any ammunition whatsoever to use to really sock it to the others. But this following wibble is akin to being savaged by a duck. Shitty – smelly – ultimately pointless and entirely harmless. Big Whoop! But lo – see what comes out from under a rock when Pagans(tm) have any reason whatsoever to scream “unfair”.

Well – arent we precious!!??. What we then get is the Eternal Sister of Suffering going into a tail spin of tripping over her own words and essentially getting the material horribly wrong. The upside is that it underlines just what is wrong with modern paganism. It’s worth seeing this through to the end – just to experience the “wibble” factor. This girl is full of it. She goes on about Fox making errors – ummm she makes some real beauts! SO I thought – to hell with this – I’ll have my own rant. Being a GArdnerian Wiccan – i.e the real deal from the country that founded this Spiritual Path I thought I’d chuck in the two penneth. 1) Contrary to what she said – ALL WICCANS ARE in fact Witches – (The Words are: Priest/ess and Witch) it goes with the territory and I would thank this colonial bint to NOT attempt to redefine the word. Wicca – is an initiatory spiritual system that trains witches.

Not all witches are Wiccan – this is true. So smarten up little girl.

2) Wicca is NOT a religion. Gardner called it the old religion based on Murrays inaccurate ideas around a Pan European Witch cult. This never happened ergo there is nothing to compare Wicca to – except its grounding in the Grimoire traditions – ergo – not a religion. Fox can quote me on this.

3) Now as for holidays – Wicca DOESNT HAVE HOLIDAYS. It has festivals. Nowhere does it say you have the day off. NOWEHERE. That’s right – no holidays. Stop using your made up ideas of a made up religion to shirk off work. That’s right – Wicca is a spiritual system that expects a strong work ethic – not some socialist weaseleez so your boss has to pay for your day off. Fox can quote me on that.

4) The liberal ideas around the ACLU stating that you cannot force your religion on others without censure (i.e. Merry Xmas, or Blessed Yule) is a field leveler for everyone. You don’t get special rights to force your ideas etc on ANYONE. You wanted equal rights – you got them. Stop bitching about it and stop expecting more rights than the next guy. Wiccan Lore says – BE SILENT. Take a lesson you professional victim.

5) Beltaine is NOT the spring Equinox – sorry but that’s the way it is. Mabon – no such festival(made up by yanks in ’76). I think you might find this is an equinox again. WTF is a Winter Equinox – could you BE any more inept?

6) Festivals again – you say the 8 are based on the pagan calendar – ummm which one? – seriously. If you can provide a shred of evidence that any single culture celebrated ALL of these festivals – then you have my respect – you will have my apologies, and I will happily stand corrected – but until that fateful day . . . .seriously – smarten up! There is NO pagan calendar. These festivals were created to get the coven together in the initiatory tradition called Wicca every six weeks – along with full moons and training circles. This is what happens when stupid people read books and think they have it sussed. Can you say: ” Cultural misappropriation”?

Furthermore – the basis of Catholicism – the rituals et al – Roman – the basis of your current rituals /festivals . . etc etc etc . . .Cycles my dear.

7) The rant over sacredness of Samhain vs. Beltaine – this is misdirection on your part. Samhain is a biggy. All Souls. The Festival of the Dead. The time where the veils between the worlds is thin. Same as Beltaine. You cannot expect the xtian to understand these ideas anymore that you clearly understand Lent. 8) Holidays again – I had a bit of a think about this – FOX is actually correct – 21 holidays in fact – not 8. Since you value a Sabbat as a holiday – then why not an Esbat as well – and there are 13 of those in a year. Making a total of 21 Holidays. . . . . .now are you beginning to understand that rating your Sabbats as Holidays makes you look silly – I’ve just extended the logic by taking the IMPORTANT and devotional aspect of Wicca – the ESBAT and making that a holiday too . . you now see the ridiculousness of your stance? Seriously – you ignore the fundemental most important part . . ..where: “There shall ye assemble and adore the spirit of me who am Queen of all Witches”  in favour of a seasonal community affair meant to cement a community – you blow out the bit that could be called loosely – religious – ignore that – and call the rest of your material religion – after you’ve pulled out the goodies.

Now the Ad Hominum bit – Generally the video tells me one thing about this girl TipToeChick – Victim. Professional Victim. She is not the sort of person we would have in a coven. She’d be nothing but trouble expressing her insecurities about her spiritual path and making life difficult for everyone around her. Granted this is just the sort of thing some covens want – they want foot soldiers, they want gun dogs, they want arrow fodder for their cause. That’s because said covens just what some expendable git to do their dirty work. But seriously – doesn’t this undermine the whole point of the craft? These people are basing their entire argument on something that Wicca is NOT: A religion. And you know what – if Fox News wants me to come and put my case for why Wicca is not a religion – they are bloody well welcome to it. Because if it will shut these whiners up about their rights and their religion and all the other rubbish vomited out of new age and pagan mouths – then so much the better. Here’s another “FOX” take on Wicca:  The Evangelist is particularly interesting: Fox – if you want a balanced view of what Wicca Actually is – and understand how you are being taken for a ride by the locals – gimme a call. Now I’ve had a great deal of comment about how I should apologise for criticising TipToe. Ignoring the American predeliction to poo poo anything or anyone that challenges anything you do as a matter of course and in so doing throw as much mud as you can in the hope that something will stick instead of addressing the actual issues raised –  . . .I shall. Tip Toe – I’m sorry – that you cant take criticism. I apologise. . . . . for the fact that I refuse to put up with people that just make shit up and call it religion. I deeply regret . . . that you cannot look beyond your own jihadist one eyed, backward, insitutionalised hatred of people that criticise your “Life choice”. I am deeply saddened . . . . . that you have the emotional maturity of a 1st year highschool student incapable of taking any challenge to your world view. Actually all the above “apology speak” is horsefeathers – those apologies are actually aimed at the lame comments I have gotten from anonymous people too gutless to out themselves – too frightened yet emboldened by anonymity. I think you’ll find folks that TipToe has gotten a great deal of critique over the years and handled it exceptionally well without you scruffy lot fighting for her. She had the guts to speak out – even though she made a few glaring errors. You didnt. Pretty piss poor effort you lot.



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