Swansea is a lovely town . . . . it really is . . . .honest!

To get respect you must give it.

“I speak to everyone in the same way whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university”

  • Albert Einstein

First it’s the fundementapagans bashing the Christians, then the muslims, now they are having a go at other pagans – Wiccans in particular.

Let it be known that the Grandmaster of the Guild of Ninja Wiccan Assassins was dragged out of retirement.

(That’s me apparently – we even have tee-shirts.)

Just as a reminder, this is a term I made up some years ago when a Lexinot (Fraudulent Alexandrian) in New Zealand did a silly thing, and through many convoluted lies, and silly actions to cover his tracks ended up getting himself entirely booted out of the Alexandrian craft scene he’d worked so hard to lie his way into. I and mine were the coven that trained thousands of deft assassins apparently. Adepts at magicks arcane and dark, bent on infiltrating covens near and far with the sole purpose of breaking them up.  So I made this term up to make fun of them, poke my tongue out and thumb my nose.

Fufuksake, do these people do not think I have a family, a job, a life? Where oh where do they think I have the time or inclination to care about, let alone be involved in their lives?

Here’s the thing: The people that are attempting to draw divisions. The people that are eternally under psychic attack. The people that are usually living destitute due to every excuse other than they themselves are a mess. These are the people that tend to make this shit up. They do it to make sure their little fife is not infected with outsiders fucking it all up with:

The Truth.

Or even at the very least an objective opinion.  Its just on three years since a simple action of utter malice evolved into something very very nasty indeed.  The Pagan Federation Regional Coordinator was forced out of her job after many covens and individuals had finally had enough of the fear mongering, the back biting, the nepotism and the out right nasty nasty attitude exhibited and exampled by the very situation we have here – they complained, pursued the complaint and the nasty piece of work was eliminated. Kudos to the PF. This is all documented by the way from multiple sources, and while people would like to forget it and pretend their little demagogue is unsullied – its been three years and the pagan scene has moved on, developed, grown – and is wonderful BECAUSE this sort of nasty has been given a sound telling off.  And lo – people are no longer being threatened . . .mostly. Some of us are still banned from Swansea – to which I can only say DILLIGAF!

Yeah call the cops. The internet is forever and what you posted was screen-scrape – plus all those mails, and the complaints to the PF  – the list is endless.

Three years – the anniversary – things aren’t entirely closed just yet as the people that started it all have exhibited their cowardice in never ever apologising for telling big fat lies, and threatening people.

I shall elaborate: On or about 05/05/2012 I called out what turned out to be a very “vulnerable” person for posting a particularly separatist and sexist link to a feminist website on Facebook (Translates as scabby little lowlife bottom feeder determined to be a victim).   Now beyond the usual stereotypical horror exhibited that I – cis-WASP-male– should have the temerity to actually have an opinion on matters feminist, let alone actually call bullshit – well that was tantamount to heresy most foul.

Anyone that actually backed me was also maligned at length in email et al. The victims of said attack are decent people in the community that have been here for years working their arses off to make the place a better place to all and with no thanks.  Lets not forget that.

The ringleaders – let’s call them Donna (aka Dawn Stone), and Simon James (aka Tree Whisperer, or Spirithorsespiritdream), published my personal details, and made up a whole raft of rubbish about how myself and my wife (who doesn’t attend moots as a rule, precisely because she has no time or patience for this sort of nonsense) had been hither and yon upsetting moots etc.

Donna /Dawn Stone posted this to me:

As we are well aware that yourself and [your wife] have caused upsets at other moots / groups in the past, sadly I have to tell you that if you show at any Swansea Moots meetings and events you will be asked to leave. If you refuse to leave we will call the police.
I will not respond to any further messages that you send to me. Any further attempts to join our page will be seen as harrassment and legal measures will be taken if needed.

What a self important, stuck up, delusional twit!

Well then. Banned from Swansea. What a great reach these  people  have. I spoke to a number of Sth Wales pagans. Oddly enough it is not the first time these people had come to their attention.  Or the 2nd for that matter.  When they told me the circumstances around this, I thought: Ah! – this is what I am dealing with and it reminded me of the experiences I had in the past with this town in general.


The last time I had a night out in Swansea – I got into a hell of a fight handing out condoms for Cardiff Body Positive. Looking like Freddie Mercury in Swansea in the 90s is a fucking bad Idea! 12 stitches later and a lot wiser I left Swansea behind in the dismal pissing rain never to return. Well doesn’t the Goddess in Her infinite hilarity have a sense of humour?

Ha bloody Ha. (Cheers Boss!! Nice one!!)

At first glance/ first impressions 17 years ago the Swansea club/pub scene struck me the same way Glasgow did. An ultraviolent melting pot of incest, inbreeding, domestic violence, and very painful death if you walked the wrong way on a Tuesday.

As such one presumes this is where the typical greeting is: `da chi ‘n bert y geg , or “Stitch this!!” – but it is said in the nicest accent and Windsor Davies tenor you’ve ever heard which makes it all the more unsettling.

One presumes that on first impressions the Swansea club/pub scene is why the Welsh put their women on their flag. Beautiful. Magnificent, and scary as hell. If you’ve ever watched two healthy Welsh girls fighting over a boy after the clubs close, you’ll understand that these are people you generally can’t reason with once you’ve pulled the pin, and why they should be kept behind glass that reads: In case of war – break glass. You really don’t want to upset them. Passionate and they won’t back down. They’re like Australians – just with common sense and an actual culture.

. . . and then you realise: Even this far west, the people of Swansea resent the English occupation (because that’s what it is) with a zeal and air of violence that is tangible. For a culture that spans back to the ice age, one can understand why said occupation and associated treatment has left them very, very annoyed.

As such for an outsider like me– an invader(English or Not) – it is no wonder that a very select few view myself and my dear lady wife as anathema. Das ist verboten.  New Ideas means bad ju-ju. “This is a local shoppe for local people, there’s nothing for you here . . . .”

And as such the village bigot (translates as small minded, frightened, power hungry rodent)  will do their level best to crush any opposition (translates as anything where they are not the centre of it, being adored by sycophants) that wanders along with the hapless intent of just well trying to contribute in a meaningful way.

Outsiders are bad.

It is not coincidence that the very day my dear lady wife presents at the Spring Fayre conference in Cardiff that this crap kicks off.  A few very frightened idiots scared silly that there is someone else on their perceived patch who will take away their hard won territory.

Every group has its fair share of idiots, nutters, trolls and the odd genetic throw back that is better placed sat outside playing a banjo. Pagans generally are a bit odd, so it stands to reason that the nutters that pagans have are nuttier than most.

Cross pollinate this with the grand old town of Swansea and it would seem and we have an interesting mix indeed.

I say Grand because Swansea is actually a bloody decent place. Decent, honest, hard working folk. It is a cause for confusion for me personally because when you have a town that gave us such genius as Harry Secombe, and Ian Hislop, such talent as Dylan Thomas, Geraint Wyn Davies, and Ruth Madoc (Yes I think she’s FAB – so bloody sue me) and iconic world renowned faces such as Huw Edwards, then I am left aghast that such genetic effluvia such as the ones that tried the: ”Aleq is mean . . .just because . . .I have a secret source . . .and his wife is mean too” could exist at all. But indeed they do.  One presumes there must be balance in the universe, so since Swansea has given us such gifts it stands to reasons there are some right scabrous, feculent, mendicant social parasites out there to keep the balance.

There’s nought queer as folk.

So where does that leave us?

  1. These people have warned me and mine never to come to Swansea – they’ll hiss and call the police they say. I say – ummm what colour is the sky on the planet you are on. If I wish to sit in a pub with my lads and have a brew – I will. Get over yourself and grow up you silly girl.
  2. My wife is not me. She has her own career, her own identity, her own life. I’m just lucky enough to be a part of it. Your unwarranted attack on her was an attack on us all.  I assure you that any return of fire on you will be you alone as your friends have already started to balk and run, distancing themselves from you as quickly as they can.  You did a very silly thing you see.
  3. These people have already shown intent through their actions. This is the internet and as such that shit is forever. Any continued harassment (illegal – and for the record, if you contact me and I reply, it is NOT harassment – you initiated proceedings), malicious gossip (Illegal), Wiccan Bashing(Inciting religious hatred = Illegal) , Libel (Illegal) and slander (Illegal) will be treated with the contempt it deserves and the full force of the law. How do these people want this to end?
  4. I utterly refute ANY accusations these people have made regards myself and my wife. I expect these people  to be too gutless to front up and apologise for their actions. That is just the despicable cowards that these people are. That people allow these dear souls to pose as their alleged leaders speaks volumes. All I can suggest is that they have elections like a good little despot and see how things turn out. Regardless nature abhors a vacuum.
  5. These people will likely never apologise to my wife – thats the kind of scum they are. They will hope that their stupidity will just be forgotten about  . . .until they do it again.
  6. These people will never front up regards the secret source of theirs.  Because there isnt one. Any reservation or purpose of evasion is denied. Either the person exists and they can validate what they said or they– (you know who you are)- are lying their arse off.  We call this personal responsibility. It comes with a thing called character . . .something these people  are seriously lacking in.
  7. That these people think they can void myself and any of mine from Swansea is not only hilarious (the local pagan population thought so) it is an abuse of power that they never had. Who the bloody hell are these people  to tell anyone where they can and can’t go? Sort yourself out you silly immature people.
  8. The whole intent thing: These people have engaged in physical violence in the past. That’s documented and by their own admission, they are no longer welcome at a former meeting place. These people have caused this sort of trouble for other covens in the region in the past. That’s also documented. Discussions with general pagans, as well as various initiatory groups have one similar theme with regards to these people: their intent, and their state of mind.
  9. Watching these woeful folk have their little paranoia sessions on their Swansea Pagan Moot list is hilarious. Like they are actually calling people up to verify they exist and are what they say they are – THIS is the level of fear, narrow minded, witch-burning, mob mentality fear these idiots have.

All these people ever needed to do was apologise. In their cowardice they chose not to and it grew to a point where their close friend was taken out instead. It cost her the measly throne she had and all her mates needed to do was front up and apologise in order to support their friend and they couldn’t even do that.

All I can say is numb nuts: if they go about saying I have a legion of false identites – then it would stand to reason they got what – 1 of them . . .. .just 1 . . . .so where are all the others and why oh why would I apply to their little group if I’m already there . . .Riddle me that and see if their witch hunt can find me.
Heres a little song about never underestimating the power of Stupid people in groups – and specifically their paranoia.

These people are bat shit crazy. Which in their line of work is cause for concern – but that’s their karma and I don’t care because in the scheme of things they amount to nothing. Maybe Daddy wanted a boy – who can say? Either way they’re not nice people and the good folk around them know it but tolerate it like an old geriatric and senile Auntie who wets herself occasionally – they put up with it because they feel they have no choice. One must be polite – even to the less fortunate.

My wife thinks they’re a harmless joke, mentally unstable, and just generally a pain in the arse in a social parasite kind of way and has led me to the wisdom that you’re just scum and not worth bothering with.

Now the reality check for the rest of the universe:  I am Aleq Grai. This is a play on my birth name Alec for lots of boring reasons not relevant here. I’m old school craft. That means I remember when the internet didn’t exist and getting hold of relevant craft material let alone finding decent qualified people to learn from was a required action if you were interested in working with people in matters arcane.

The internet is an amusement to me, and a tool at best. It is also a sap on reality, creativity, and common sense.

I will be happy to field any relevant questions. I have always been open to help those that need it. This reality is the core of why I upset people determined to keep you – the people – in the dark, and therefore under their thumb.

Those that have met me – will find that my online approach is EXACTLY the same as my in-your-face-across-the-table-having-a-pint approach. The difference is that that up front approach translates badly for tender people on the internet who have never had to contend with the real world and are too emotionally immature to cope with robust debate.

I will not dumb it down for you because experience has taught me that if I need to explain you will not understand, and if you understand I will not need to explain. Think of it as one of those mysteries. I can point you at the knowledge but I cannot get you to think. That’s something you need to work out for yourself and I can help you only so far.  The real work is down to you and I’m sorry – there is no APP for that.
For me a few revelations on the back of extended travel and mixing with awesome people. I just spent the week with a bunch of Saudis – the most generous people I have ever met. They are up front, focused and entirely of one mind. It made doing 20 hour days very easy. It also put things into perspective for me in that I was reminded that there are folk in the pagan community that deliberately spread misinformation about others, spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt for the sake of making themselves the centre of a solution they can never provide.
These Saudis who live in 56 Degrees Centigrade, dust storms, and all the rest look at my world and call it paradise.
With all their hardship, these people are the heart and soul.
As such I was reminded that the really shitty lives that some people have, bleeds over into how they interact with people, and how they create their reality around them. The people that started this little war with me have lost from the get go – I choose not to play.
I choose not to buy into their fear I choose not to buy into their Hate I choose not to buy into their self loathing
Max Ehrmanns’ Desiderata I think was wrong on one point – and therefore I choose not to strive to be happy.
Instead I choose to be happy.

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