Secrecy in the Craft

A great many younger pagans of today’s internet generation get very upset about the concepts of secrecy in the craft.  They feel it is inappropriate in this day and age and just not fair in the scheme of things. They feel that the knowledge should be free and froth and vacillate at the concept of secrecy keeping them from the knowledge, feeling that the understanding is there for all, expecting like a young chic to be fed fed fed immediately and therefore achieving instant understanding.

In like manner that people get hissy regards secret societies, or societies of secrets.

The snag comes where the dear souls do not realise that Secrets do NOT equate with the term: Mysteries. They certainly do not understand that Knowledge has a number of components. The science, the nuts and bolts, the material in the book is only a small part of the equation.

Seriously. It’s not just the stuff in the book, or on the net, on an APP on your iPhone. Knowledge has a lot more to it and without the wherewithal to fully assimilate that then you are lost from the get go.

Let’s have a quick diversion into Gandhi’s Seven Deadly Sins

Mohandas Gandhi, one of the most influential figures in modern social and political activism, considered these traits to be the most spiritually perilous to humanity.

  • Wealth without Work
  • Pleasure without Conscience
  • Science without Humanity
  • Knowledge without Character
  • Politics without Principle
  • Commerce without Morality
  • Worship without Sacrifice

The relevance will make sense in a moment I promise.

Secrecy and Mysteries: They are not the same thing. It is an important distinction because this gap in understanding leads to a lot of heated discussion.

Secrets have their place in the craft and for a number of reasons. Mysteries have their place in the craft and they are the basis of the craft itself. These both equate to “The Knowledge” but without the intestinal fortitude, or the depth of character to fully carry that knowledge it may as well be strawberries to a donkey. (Pearls before swine, champagne to pigs – you get the message.)

But what is a secret?

Well let’s think on this and be practical about it.  My recipe for flying ointment for example is a secret. It is something that has been handed down to me, and has been further developed by me and at some cost to myself.

It is a secret because I bloody well worked hard for it. It is a secret because it was highly valued by a colleague of mine that gave it to me. Because he valued it – he gave it to me because he knew I would value it too.  It is of NO benefit to the public to be in the public domain because if it was people would die if they used it.

What is a mystery: Whilst the recipe for flying ointment is a secret – its use is a mystery. Above we have the science. Below we have the Arte. Flying ointment is bloody dangerous stuff and is utilised in a number of ways to bring about a change in consciousness that in some cases can boarder death itself. In this state of consciousness we utilise various tools to examine the world that is presented to us, and interact with it.

The technique is nothing without the understanding of how to use it. The knowledge is nothing without the social responsibility to make sure that it is guarded and used correctly. This Arte is the mystery and brings together a quintessence of understanding that is beyond words. Ergo it is impossible to make this kind of thing available to the common man as such a holistic experience is beyond our command of the language we use day to day.


Secret – the core material

Mystery – reading between the lines of the core material. (Learning to drive vs. reading the road code.)

Understanding – realising the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Ergo we cannot convey the mysteries in words – they must be experienced. As such the common man, the novitiate, and not the least the dilettante cannot, will not receive them. There is no APP for that. There is no Internet page, or even book that can encapsulate this.  It must be practically experienced. That experience must be measured, monitored, and supervised by the right people to make sure this stuff DOESN’T FUCKING KILL YOU!  (Covens are good for that.)

So the mendicant generation that burned Tottenham has really got no chance because it was never taught to think for itself, fend for itself, stand on its own two feet, let alone go out and experience this for themselves.

Granted some twat will witter on saying Secrets are evil – basically failing miserably to get the point. The same individual will then go out and piss and moan that all secrets are evil therefore secret societies, and societies of secrets and anyone that doesn’t open their souls to them are also evil.

Grow the hell up! – what are they 12? If the above doesn’t answer your questions as to why then sorry this sort of thing wasn’t for you to begin with.

But let’s continue – there are other reasons behind keeping your gob shut in the craft.

Secrecy is about Safety.

Yes I have already talked about the social responsibility of putting my flying ointment recipe in the public domain. It would be a dick move.

What I’m talking about is personal safety. You see the craft has an annoying habit of making you (forcing you) to see things a very different way. This way will make you stand out from the crowd. People fear anything that is different. They tend to end up killing people that are different. People are basically stupid. It is a dick move to underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers. As you grow magickally – you will begin to stink of magick. No human being will be able to be around you for long without feeling on some level that something is different.

So: Going out and spreading the good news about how the Goddess wants you for a sunbeam, tends to end very badly.  That initial surge of spiritual energy is the same for ALL mystical systems. Even the Christians (Oh Yes), and tends to turn one into a Dalek of the Goddess if that energy is not harnessed and used correctly. Evangelism leads to stagnation and ultimately putrefaction of that spiritual energy. This is where we get twisted Nuns and deviant priests abusing children while they whip and scar themselves. This is the core of zealotry .

But the LAW protects you doesn’t it – well doesn’t it? . . .yeah well good luck with that after you’ve outed yourself and painted a nice big “Please kill me with a nasty and crunchy squeak” sign on your tee-shirt. The police will come and protect you after you’ve been attacked . . . . do we see the problem yet? It is unlikely the perpetrator will be charged, and no amount of discussion, debate, or even percussive discourse will change their view of you as an enemy of God, Society, the State etc.

Secrecy internalises the energy, to mend, to heal, to force an awakening. It is the self-realisation that you are not as you were and are no longer a part of the old herd. You are different and unfortunately no-one will understand except your brothers and sisters of the craft. That’s just the way it is. Fine, don’t believe me, and see how many people will nod and smile and say: “Yeah man – I like totally get it”

It’s not gonna happen. This is one of those mysteries I was on about – you kinda have to take this on faith until you are there inside it and then you’ll realise.

Which brings me onto another reason why we keep secrets. Focus.

Knowledge is power. Power shared is power lost. This is not about knowing more than the other guy – it’s about understanding the cogs of the universe. Opening yourself to inspection from the dilettante undermines your focus, and panders only to the ego. Why pray tell would you do this knowing that the dilettante has no way of knowing what you are experiencing? It is a dead end.

The next issue is Spell-craft. Power shared is power lost. Focus. If you blab about your spell craft its focus is lost and the spell will be severely diminished or ultimately fail. The craft requires a proud humility, and the strength of character to keep your gob shut so that the focus of the power you have spent hits its target fully and with no deviation.

So as you can see – the reasons behind secrecy are many, varied, and make a hell of a lot of practical sense to the hands-on, real, and committed seeker.

If people whinge about secrets it’s because they are basically ignorant. To be sure they are very likely lazy individuals with very little in their lives. They will blame their state of spiritual or physical poverty on everyone but themselves.  Their state of suffering and grumpiness is just down to immaturity and how the world is just so unfair!

They tend to be on benefits or at best have risen to their own state of incompetence within such locales of the mediocre and institutionalised stupidity as the public service. All too happy to feed off the public purse, but never brave enough to stand on their own two feet. This of course undermines the talents of the majority of actually decent people in the public service.

As such, the perpetual whiners about secrecy  are to be shunned. Their only concern is to delude you, distract you, and keep you under the thumb of their ignorance to make themselves feel better about their miserable lives.  Given the opportunity, toss them out into the street. The slaves shall serve.

So for the craft’s wealth of knowledge, wealth of understanding, the Arte magickal, society’s safety, and your safety, then think of the dip in the middle of your upper lip where the Arch  Angel Gabriel touched you with his forefinger saying:

Shhh …don’t tell.

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