Questioning Heathenry Part 1

The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, contempt: your freedom of thought becomes impossible. – Salman Rushdie

I ask myself if Nationalist Heathenry is inherently evil the way that socialism is in that it warps the perception of people to think they are doing a greater good but instead are creating a twisted excuse for society that benefits only a very few and at the dire and terminal expense of the rest.

Heathenry we are “told” has its roots in Northern Europe – it has a Germanic  heritage we are told – the way that National Socialism has a Germanic heritage. The mindset that lead to a solid sense of community, honour, respect for your elders, a strong sense of right and wrong, oaths,  fabulous music, great philosophers, the sacking of Rome, the inquisition, and death camps in the pursuit of removing anything that didn’t fit in or if they were just looking for someone to blame.  Now not all Germans were Nazis to be sure – but they were on the whole part of and complicit in the same socially obedient, institutionalised, isolationist, xenophobic mindset that we had to hammer the crap  out of in two world wars. We didn’t go looking for a fight.

We see that that mindset has presented itself yet again to the world in the form of a “religion” now one presumes as a means to legitimise it. Now remember folks we beat, and in some locales banned the end result of this bollocks twice before. But under the guise of religion it’s snuck back into our lives so that self professed socially caring and responsible pillars of the community – you know those isolationist xenophobic arseholes that every society has – can give it a nice label and attempt to legitimise their need to impose their credo, political correctness, and bully boy tactics on others.

The majority of the planet has already rejected this mindset twice in the last century – when I wonder, will people learn. ANY – and I mean ANY discussion on this matter is met with derision, with threats, with attempts at political correctness to validate something that was flawed to begin with. Pointing out the cyclic nature of things, or history, or even the more recent infighting, I find myself quoting Azimov in that:

“Anti-Intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge’.”

This leads to the all-opinions-are-valid lunacy that pervades such illusions as the internet. It gives morons a voice and the added stupidity that what they say is valid.

Yes your alleged or reconstructed heritage is apparently old Mr Heathen – yes you have history that you have attempted to use to validate your trip . . . . . A return to the Olde Ways(tm) has about as much validity as a return of the inquisition (the chap that wrote the malleus maleficarum – now where was he from . . .?), or daily beatings for your wife and children (ah the good old Victorian days, they’ll know what it’s for), or boring holes in the mentally ills’ head to let the demons out. Yeah those old time ways were good huh? It’s ancient and therefore it must be good. What total nonsense.  It’s because we the people of the world remember the type of people which that group mentality creates, that I whole heartedly reject it.  There was me hoping two world wars and one world cup had established that reality. Let’s be clear for the politically correct sisters of suffering – I reject the nationalistic version of  heathenry – not the people. Ignorance can be remedied – stupidity cannot.

Some will say – “but I’m a heathen and I’m a nice person really ‘onest guv” . . . . . . And then decide to be very offended and stop thinking. Well that’s just how bloody insidious the politically correct movement of cultural Marxism is – this has NOTHING to do with Heathenry – it is about allowing all opinions to be valid – even the old-school-Nazis that use heathenry as their banner thus tarring ALL the rest.

Normal people living normal lives following what moves because it’s fashionable, because it’s new, because it’s clean, pristine, and socially responsible. Because it’s truer than the other truths we were sold yesterday, and it’s old (like hedgewitches validating themselves with an ancient lineage through their granny)  so it can’t possibly be bad.

You just validated the “It’ll never happen – to me” argument that Jews, gypsies and homosexuals used. It’s not new, it’s not clean, it’s not smart, it’s not true – it’s not clever and it’s far from tolerant and socially responsible. It’s a religion. It was made up by people. Given time you can bet someone somewhere will be making money out of it.

Right now there are pagans everywhere reading this and going OMG! – what shall I do – I have friends that are Heathen therefore Heathenry must be OK  . . . and they stop thinking at that point and ignore that they also have Christian friends, and Muslim friends and were on line the other day panning them as the great evil devourer of pagan souls accepting quite happily in that well nurtured and politically acceptable way that Christians and Muslims are already evil – so that’s OK.  The point is that really you probably didn’t think it through and got nabbed hook line and sinker on the nonsensical notion that nationalist heathenry is pagan therefore it must be good by default.

The hilarity of this gets better because by weight of numbers, the more sensible and educated that would normally question the veracity of this new fad also get sucked into it adding credence to the whole idea and the pagan consumer buys it even more.

As an example of this Kool Aid they are drinking is the fashionable and politically correct anti-Semitism. Nationalist Heathens albeit quietly – hate Jews. They express through their dislike of the state of Israel, in their support on the one hand of the State of Palestine – but oddly enough they don’t like Muslims either when you scratch the surface so the double standard is a bit odd.

Calling me bigot for pointing out the inherent bigotry of Nationalist Heathenry – DOESNT MAKE YOU CLEVER, and certainly doesn’t make you right.

Please take your hate. Please take your isolationism. Please take your double standards and remember the words to Colonel Bogie!

Now Shoo!

The burgeoning pagan public needs to be asking questions about the origins of ALL paths that have evolved in the last century and make an informed choice as to the direction they want to take with the full knowledge of what they are about SO THAT they never feel so insecure that they have to pan all the other faiths, specifically the mystical ones that precipitate spiritual alchemy, magick, oracle and so forth.

Without deviation from the norm, progress is impossible   -Frank Zappa.

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