Questioning Heathenry Part III

There are a few folk out there now that have really gotten vewy vewy upset at my attack on Nationalist Heathenry. Overlooking the obvious – if a religion is remotely valid it can stand on its own two feet, and the only thing that precipitates this sort of OUTRAGE at having your precious religion criticized is just simple emotional immaturity and insecurity in one’s own path – but lets over look that for now – <sniff> I have to say I’m upset that people have blocked me on face book . . . . .well that’s actually a lie because have you read this?:

So Heathenry is a valid religion is it?

Does it have a core Ethic?

Does it have a core dogma?

Does it have holy texts from which to draw from?

Does it even have a cosmology from which to base it’s universe on?.

OK – so far we have a spirituality – but not a religion.

Religion means organised, it means standards, it means clergy and a public face . . . . . it means it has actual political power.
So where/s the clergy and the public presence of this “religion” then? Because this shit (above) is never gonna get old.  I’m mean SERIOUSLY! So Odinists cant get divorced. WOW.  So are they like trying to convince us they’re all Polygamist nazi catholics? (well Im not convinced sorry – I know some of you try real hard to get me to think this, but hey . . .) You know I bet that there are a few “Heathens” that have taken umbrage at this carry on to – AND – might even think about talking to someone or even writing a post on their face book about it. Some might even think about writing to the home office – that’s “think about” – but will they actually do anything.

You see the above article makes one thing very very clear. IF you are Heathen you can say whatever the fuck you like to whomever the fuck you like about what it is to be heathen and get away with it. Not just that – if anyone points out the emperor’s new clothes – i.e the stark lunacy in what’s going on let alone the usual yogurt weaving Bullshit that pervades the entirety of the pagan scene, then you get to go into a self righteous tail spin about how you’re being opwessed you poor wee thing.

So let’s be clear here you heathen types. Your personal trip is cool – I see where a lot of you are coming from – but put your house in order and collectively stamp on this stupidity right now because you look like a total arsehole which makes it all the easier for people to vilify you and then persecute you.

For me it’s just another example of how people will use heathenry to further their own agenda regardless of the reality. If you want to hate wiccans – be heathen. If you want to hate the occult in general – be heathen and have that warm thrill of confusion – that space cadet glow when you, armed with self righteous indignation spout rubbish about how all magick is evil. If you want to enter into a polyamorous relationship and avoid the law, let alone create even more stress on an already over taxed welfare system – BE HEATHEN.

This does NOT resemble the ethos of the Heathens I deal with directly but it is the public perception thereof. Not cool.

Just a quick question here – umm, please correct me BUT – does it anywhere in the sagas talk about polygamy – or co-habiting out of wedlock, or deliberately sneaking around the law or political correctness so you can keep your foreign tart in your house?

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