Questioning Heathenry Part II

I’ve read the comments after the outrage from my previous post on facebook. Congratulations – you’ve just faced one of the first trials you will face with regards to the reality of freedom of ideas, the concept of no-fixed-rules that is allegedly espoused by the pagan community.
I will be clear – I am talking specifically to the eternal victim determined to find fault in anything if it means they can gain political capitol from it.
Well then, given the reaction, nay the denial, we faced in my last post: it comes back to freedom of speech which we have now seen just how well respected that is among “some Heathens”. Some Heathens are not even content with this. They have, since the beginning of the heathen movement, made it clear they dislike the esoteric. So even freedom of thought is not acceptable to this mindset.
I did not post to any forum my blog. I posted a link. I went out of my way to give people a choice in whether they wished to read rather than rub any opinions and experiences I had in anyone’s face.
I noted a great many times that people attempted to either go reductio absurdum, or try to put words in my mouth to suit their own political agenda – like saying – “I experienced one bad wiccan therefore all wiccans are bad”. I also noted bully boy tactics, the typical sad tribe of people making threats, ad hominum attacks and expecting to be taken seriously.   Their actions speak for themselves and it changes absolutely nothing – the problem still exists.
. . .and let’s remember people – we’ve just witnessed the proving of a very serious point – that there are those who have the arrogance to presume to tell any of us what we can and cannot be offended by.
What we can and cannot think.
Would you like a shovel down there while you’re digging?
The courses of action taken are not appropriate, none are clever, and neither do they address the point. The point is that my collective experiences, a great many heathens’ collective experiences (and published as such) and that of my brethren for the past 20 years has been that:

  1. When we see this sort of thing: – we realise they were set up for a reason. Heathen groups such as odinist, asatru, have been clearly anti-Semitic, racist, and anti-occult. History has proven this, and it is well documented – the point where this on its own has caused splits in the heathen movement.  Denying this and saying all heathens are nice because only a percentage are nice is equally bloody stupid as saying if one wiccan is bad then all are bad. I find that people who grasp onto this logic and ignore what was actually written to be tiresome and usually have an agenda of their own. There is a problem – SO JOLLY WELL ADMIT IT!! – instead of denying it to begin with.
  2. I have yet to meet a heathen of any type that did not distrust magick.  I have met a great many that felt magick was out and out evil.
  3. I made it clear that I was addressing Nationalist Heathenry and its use or potentially misuse as the reason for a dislike of magickal practice in whatever form it takes.

It is unfortunate that  narrow minded people will take ANY discussion, let alone criticism of what is essentially a fad that might after a few hundred years develop into a religion, as a direct attack on the people and use this as an excuse to attack the messenger rather than work to understand the cause and deal with the symptoms. Heathenry remains a fad today for the majority – and a religion for a few decent souls. But it is still essentially a fad.

It will not be a religion until it has political power.
In the real world however – like pagans in general – despite a common Norse or Germanic cosmology and belief system, adherents of Germanic Neopaganism (aka Heathenry) hold a wide spectrum of theological and political beliefs from left to right and green and then some. This is a benefit – and not something to held against them. So really people need to get over this. Heathens all have different ideas – Holy Cow – shock Horror!
If we look at the world view however, the likes of Mattias Gardell, reader for religious history at the University of Stockholm, categorizes Germanic Neopaganism into “militant racist”, “ethnic” and “nonracist” particularly in North America. In the militant racist position, Asatru is an expression of the “Aryan racial soul” (oh – there was me thinking that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said exactly the same thing – a bit like those two guys on the corner I saw last week claiming to be Jesus – well one of them must have been lying). The ethnic position is that of “tribalism”, ethnocentric but opposed to the militant racist position. According to Gardell, the militant racist faction has grown significantly in North America during the early 2000s, estimating that, as of 2005, it accounts for 40-50% of North American Odinists or Asatruar with the other two factions at close to 30% each.[1]
That’s a pretty big number and even if it were at 10% I would say there is a problem. But beyond such speculation, however, no extensive statistics exist that I can find on the matter beyond the public perceived belief of what heathenry actually is. We’re talking group mind here people where even popular media, TV, computer games are beset with this racism and distrust of esoteric. If we look to local forums we see the same percentages emerging – so this is not just an American phenomenon. We are talking about an established mindset that has, right or wrong, come to the conclusion that Heathenry might have some issues.
For example, when the American’s FBI identified potential threats towards the domestic security of the USA related to the turn of the Millennium in 2000 in the Project Megiddo report,[2] it stated that: “Without question, this initiative [i.e. Project Megiddo itself] has revealed indicators of potential violent activity on the part of extremists in this country. Militias, adherents of racist belief systems such as Christian Identity and Odinism, and other radical domestic extremists are clearly focusing on the millennium as a time of action.” The report also states that ‘the Project Megiddo intelligence initiative has identified very few indications of specific threats to domestic security’.[2] This is a good thing. This report, published in 1999, describes ‘threats’, however since the turn of the millennium no terrorist activities have been attributed to any Odinist group.
This is a definitely a good thing, but the stain has not gone away as the Domestic Extremism Lexicon released by the Department of Homeland security says otherwise:
(U) racial Nordic Mysticism   (U//FOUO) An ideology adopted by many white supremacist prison gangs who embrace a Norse mythological religion, such as Odinism or Asatru. (also: Odinism, Asatru) [3]
Whether we like it or not, racism is established within Heathenry and the public perception of it. A historical account of racism in Heathenry looks very closely at what has happened to justify any racism in heathenry and very well argues the fact that there is none historically but fully accepts the fact that today there most certainly is.
The writer rightly points out this poison must be purged – kinda the point I raised and was shot down for. . . . .so even your own people admit there is an issue here.  Sorry for pointing out the Emperor’s new clothes but . . .
Seriously folks – do I really have to rub your nose in it?
<sigh> – clearly I do – So I invoke the rule of Bards – and take the piss out of you, point and laugh at you, make fun of you and nit-pick until you eventually get the message. GROW UP and THINK for yourself – there is no getting away from the simple fact that your censorship is a direct attack on the freedom of speech of the common man – (in your case the pagan community specifically )– a cornerstone of our culture. Political and religious satire is a fundamental right in this part of the world, and I intend – while it’s still legal – to use it.
I deliberately put a degree of separation there to allow the eternal sisters of suffering a chance to avoid being upset, offended. You chose to read my blog – no-one forced you.
You chose to take your umbrage to your forum, instead of posting it to my blog as a means to make yourself look big. Well didn’t that go well?.  The question is, are you able to learn from this? I appreciate that you’ve grown up with the internet, and that shouting down opponents, requesting dissent be expressed in private by PM or simply blocking or censoring them so you can pretend they don’t exist, is the means by which you think you can win an argument rather than actually deal with the facts. It is hilarious that some people actually stated that no heathens are anti-Semitic . . . .when it is the reason your little religion is so fractured to begin with – I mean just how bloody daft do you think the world is – that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough that eventually people will believe it?
A vast number of heathens, a pretty hefty percentage in fact (if is to be believed)  – despise niggers, kikes, spics, greasers, zipper heads, gooks, wops, dagos tar babies, porch monkeys, micks, gogs, jocks, frogs, and need I say it, PAGANS, treehuggers, hippies, pykies, chutney bandits, carpet munchers, transgendered,  and the list goes on to the point where I find myself repeating those immortal words:
And there’s ones smoking a joint And another with spots, If I had my way  . .I’d have all of you shot! (Pink Floyd)
. . .and you’ll prattle on “Oh but they’re not real heathens” – yeah they say that sort of thing about catholic priests too, you know , not being Christian . . .but technically they still are and their actions tar everyone else.  Doing nothing to redress the issue makes you doubly guilty.
Such denial regarding  the nasty heathen types tends to refer to groups which claim to be Heathen when in fact (according to popular and politically correct well crafted arguments) they do not practice the Old Northern tradition at all, and have proven (to the self elected experts)  they don’t understand the true nature of Paganism or know the ways of the Old Gods – honest guv.
Oh fufuksake.
No-one can grasp the true nature of Paganism or knows the ways of the old gods except the self appointed in crowd? To say this is presumptuous is an understatement. What kind of human can say that they know the true nature of anything, let alone something as nebulous as ‘Paganism’? What kind of illuminated being can know the ways of the Gods, no matter how much work we put into it? To my understanding Heathenry is a polytheistic religion, and as such has ‘poly’ (many) gods, many views and interpretations. The sad truth boys and girls – none of them are more true than the next. Yes I know you think your New religion is all new and improved – BUT. Now Human beings (including  Heathens)  may not agree with each other, but may I suggest that rather than decide to have heretics – you in fact decide to clean house, and like paganism generally – seek to educate, cos right now whatever the hell you are doing ain’t cutting it.
These “new” heathens attempt to distance themselves from the less than ideal element denying their roots in order to jump on the trendy band wagon. They state that the Nazi element abuses their holy symbols, hijacking them along with their Gods to promote their own agenda.  Well here’s the thing with religion – because let’s face it that’s what Heathenry is – a religion  – not a political institution, or movement, or even an idea. I know Libertarian Heathens, Tory Heathens, Socialist Heathens, Communist Heathens, greenie Heathens, and even a few who are members of the monster raving loony party.  My political views aren’t the same as theirs but I would never presume to say they were not Heathen based on their political ideology… so who the Hel are you to do so?
As for the abuse of ‘our’ holy symbols and gods’ names argument… well all I can say is “when did you become the sole proprietors, fit to decide who can use these symbols and names?
Did you rock on up to Valhalla and sort out some copyright deal with ‘Ol One Eye? (bugger but how would the TV adverts go: I’m Odin and I approve this message)
You don’t own them; everyone uses them for fair means and foul. These symbols and names are more ancient than you or your reconstructionist religion, and have been in the public domain longer than you were even a twinkle in your daddy’s eye. I’m talking about all sorts of people – not just you. Lets be clear here about the REAL poison in the mix– these are not the hard core skin head, neo-nazis, odinists, hammerskins and folkist “dreams of Crystal Night” nutters (like this one: ) Such people are easy to spot and as such not really a threat to your credibility.
– OH NO – these are practically government sanctioned heathens that are the type that will do nothing, like good obedient socially acceptable citizens, so that evil may flourish. These are the gutless, the disempowered who seek power and do everything in their pointless tiny little lives to use that power when they get it. These are the people that use the excuse: “I was just following orders.” And before you rant waxing moralistic – heathens are people too. Therefore they are fallible. Or did you just think – even for a nano-second that Heathens aren’t like that – not real heathens anyway – well, well then aren’t we elitist all of a sudden . . .?
Because they saw someone else do it, or say it, they felt they could do it too. Well how enlightened these so called heathens with their 9 virtues really are. The more things change the more they stay the same. I find myself talking in clichés, and I think it is fitting because we see an old world  that was washed away fighting tooth and nail to return with those wonderful “socially acceptable” ideas that the neo-conservative is yet again foisting on us all.  There’s a lot more of them than you think. All you need to do is look at the numbers here: and realise just how far the cancer goes. Are you still going to tell me that Heathenry is pristine and clean and they are an unfortunate minority?
Are you still going to tell me heathenry is racism free? Are you still going to tell me heathenry is hate free with respect to the occult?
So we have established that Heathens are people – a lot of them are good people, and within their ranks is a poison that is growing because their attitudes (the bad ones) are becoming commonplace and thus acceptable.  Like wife beating – such a thing is unacceptable – so you target ALL people to make it stop, to make it socially unacceptable. This is why I target all Heathens. It’s your house – and it’s affecting the rest of us – so I suggest you put it in order.  That’s your job, as a self professed Heathen, not mine as an outsider.
Or evil Aleq Grai and his guild of Ninja Wiccan Assassins shall continue to taunt you.
Well then. I aim to misbehave.

1) Gardell, Matthias (2003). Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism. Duke University Press. pp. 269–283. ISBN 0-8223-3071-7.
2 Full text of the F.B.I.’s ‘Project Megiddo’ report

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