Pro Patria Mori

Recently I saw yet again the likes of people talking about yet another bill to essentially create presidents for life. It’s happened before – and I dare say it’ll happen again.

There’s always some dumb cluck that thinks tyrants don’t happen. Mores the pity we don’t get to kill our kings anymore – go figure.
Then we see this:Link
and go “Lawks a mercy” in terror until we see this:Link
And realise that there is some sense in the world after all.
See here’s the thing with Americans and their determination to have a viable culture beyond the closest thing they currently have to culture: a pot of yoghurt – is really just a bit silly.
Given that the United States hasn’t had an actual president since Kennedy; – who was the last guy to go head to head with the Federal Reserve (no-one has had the guts since) –
For a President to become royalty is a bad call – it just can work and here’s why.
He can’t become King . . . .he has no kingdom, the United States is a Constitutional Republic.
He can’t be Monarch – there is no Monarchy.
He can’t be a prince – he has no principality
He can’t be a Duke – he has no dukedom
He can’t be an Earl as he has no earldom.
The American President should therefore just be content with running a country . . . . .

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