In Pursuit of Truce/Truth

“In order for truce to be experienced, one must: first, show up; second, pay attention; third, tell the truth; and fourth, not be attached to the outcome.” Angeles Arrien on tribal traditions

Here are some thoughts I have on the current state of Paganism globally: This is me pondering life in a Heinlein stylee.

Why do people ask for input when they never had any intention of following any instruction that will probably trip up their own transgressions. Think on this for a sec.

One cannot treat an unhealthy situation or unhealthy people on healthy principles. . . .we seek to, and we base a theoretical outcome on our own standards ignoring the fact that our egotistical need to help cannot provide ANY help given our mere existence acts to enable the addict and nothing more.

What sort of people do I mean?   The sort that are the cause of the problems, the childish, the disaffected and lost that change their own rules to suit on the fly –

I am only happy that I have met the sharp ones out there, the academics, the intelligent and the ones with clarity – the rest – I’m at a loss how we invented powered flight, or split the atom.

I cannot think of a word for the provincial, isolationist attitude that changes its own rules every time it’s is caught out breaking them.

I am at a loss for a word for people that get off on causing all the damage they can just because they can in retaliation when their fantasy world, or deliberate lies are shattered.

– or when someone has the temerity to disagree with them.

– or point out that their statements are in fact ill thought out and based on disproven facts.

I cannot think of the term that underlines a cultureless rabble, the generic homogenised drone, conditioned and destined to consume and die, itself believing it’s oh so different but in a very conformist way.

We have seen that politeness only condones their actions, it spurs them on. Being nice – doesn’t work.


If you are not with them – you are against them – such a simple stance for such simple folk – there in lieth the lynch mob mentality.

The thing is – none of this would ever be an issue if they let go of their disbelief that the magick actually works – if they realised to the contrary they would never have engaged in this made up little world of theirs and all the crap that goes with it.

If they realise the Magick works,  if they actually cleave to the principles of Magick – then none of this would have occurred. There’s the proof – no matter how  “Nice” decent people may consider them to be – they remain at the core of their being a cowan, a craven liar, essential nothing more than an infidel.

What kind of mind does that – the word eludes me for the moment.  Perhaps someone can make a suggestion.

 – ergo I’ve have just figured out the word – but then I’m not sure they are sophisticated enough to wear the label: Poseur

I was just the moron that listened to multiple cries for help – contacted the alleged perpetrators  and asked them out for a pint to meet, to greet, to find out about other people out there and I was told that my two decades in the heart of my culture was a lie.

So I step back.  And remain the target. I step back some more, and yet more trash to sweep up.


Prove me wrong.

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