Generic Rebuttal Page – Oh You’re Offended.

This page is set up with the sole purpose of saving time and avoiding lots of misunderstandings.

You’re here either because you followed a link either out of curiosity or that you were sent here because the world couldnt be bother dealing with your petulant sense of entitlement and whining like a little bitch.

Something on the internet upset you.
Something offended you.
Beyond your personal tailspin amusing people around you we thought we’d give you the opportunity to address what actually upset you and be able to address it in a formal manner.

Please remember – if you wish to have your fantasy world validated – then never approach me. I do not enable addicts, flakes, wannabes and weasels. I refuse to be drawn into your personal lie.  I believe in hard work and getting actual results.  I believe in a level of emotional maturity that can take a bit of ribbing, a bit of criticism, and can handle it when they are put right from doing something really really stupid.

Please remember – you are here solely for my amusment.  No-one is forcing you to be here. You’re here because your ability to debate never developed and you cannot cope with having your untested views challenged.

However if you can’t deal with it – then please fill in the form below.


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